uality eincken assures that its roducts are produced ccording to the highest food afety standards. In the case a roduct does not fully meet hese standards, Heineken will ot hesitate to take ppropriate action. As for the se of raw materials, it is eineken's policy to only use ngredients that are safe for uman consumption. Behaviour In relationships with employees, customers and other stakeholders, reliability and integrity are essential preconditions. Heineken expects its employees to refrain from acts that may damage these preconditions. Heineken strives to provide a high level of enjoyment to its customers and consumers. Heineken will market and distribute its products in a responsible way. Therefore Heineken will act in good faith when persuading a consumer to choose one of its products. This means that vulnerable groups will not be targeted. Heineken aims to provide comprehensive information about the advantages and the disadvantages of its products in order to facilitate a balanced consumer choice. Heineken will be truthful to employees, customers, con sumers, governments, financial institutions or other stakeholders. All information it gives will be correct and transparent. Employees Heineken aims to positively contribute to the well being of its employees. It will take appropriate measures to continuously improve safety and health aspects within its facilities. Heineken will 23

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