H ei n eken and responsibility management Heineken wants to be a responsible company. That aspiration is inherent in our striving to be the best-perform ing international brewing group in the world. We apply high standards and values. Our objective is to maximise our results while minimising any negative effects which our activities may have on people or the environment. Sustainable development - meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs - is a central tenet, which guides our company's operations. Heineken's core values - respect, enjoyment and passion for quality -have evolved with the company. They are inextricably linked with the three generations of the Heineken family who laid the company's foundations and built it into the business it is today, and they still form the basis of our relationship with society and our corpo rate social responsibility policies. Awareness of social responsibilities is not a recent phenomenon for Heineken. In the past, the way in which policies have been implemented by our operating companies has varied from one country to another. A review of our existing policies has been conducted over the past few years, in the light of the experiences of other multinational companies and the views of governmental and non-governmental organisations. This research produced concrete policy documents covering a wide range of social issues. These documents, which provided the starting-point for our internal and external dialogue, were used in turn as the basis for the Heineken Principles, a set of standards and values, which are at the basis of our activities and our business conduct. At the end of 2001, the Executive Board declared these Heineken Principles, together with our traditional values, to be an integral part of our business strategy. A learning company A responsible world citizen The Heineken Values Principles USINESS PRINCIPLES General Heineken is actively aware of its social responsibilities, participating in societies all over the world, and lives up to them. For the continuity of the Company, Heineken strives for a leading financial, environ mental and social performan ce. To this end, investments in its workforce, its brands and its breweries are essential to the Heineken Company. Heineken feels part of the communities in which it operates. It aims to make a valuable and sustainable contribution to local and global societies. Heineken has committed itself to providing an excellent and sustainable return on the investment made by its share holders. It values the support of all its investors and seeks to communicate with them regularly and openly, provid ing reliable and timely finan cial and other information. Rule of Law Heineken maintains a world wide policy of compliance with laws and regulations. Heineken respects local cultures. It will adapt to local situations whenever possible, however, without prejudice to the Heineken Values Principles or local laws and regulations. HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 22

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