EXTERNAL DIALOGUE Sustainable malting barley production For Heineken, sustainability involves the development of sustainable barley and hop farming, as well as efficient use of water and energy. To help us formulate basic princi ples and definitions and establish measurement parameters (indicators), we invited a large number of experts from industry, research institutions, universities and other external organisations to take part in a workshop entitled 'Sustainable Barley Program: In Search of Building Blocks', which was organised by Heineken in collaboration with I MSA Amsterdam. By way of preparation, discussions were held with all the individual participants in advance of the workshop. The basic concepts and principles have now been defined and are being translated into a practical plan of action. To help us develop measurable indicators, we shall make use of the contacts established and knowledge gained in the course of the supply-chain projects, before proceeding with the large-scale introduction of the policy within the next few years. 5.3 Membership of international organisations/forums CEO Panel Heineken was one of the initiators of the CEO Panel, consisting of the chairmen of the executive boards of fourteen international companies operating in the food, water and other industries. The panel was formed on a voluntary basis with the aim of initiating programmes and activities to promote sustainable water use. The panel met for the first time in 1999, to prepare for the second World Water Forum, which was held in The Hague in March 2000. The panel is currently working on its contribution to the The 3rd World Water Forum HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 20

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