Q External dialogue CHAPTER 5.1 Stakeholder relations Formulation of the Heineken safety, health and environmental policy is based on a number of sources including a dialogue with various interested parties. At group level, Heineken talks to governmental and non-governmental organisations, trade organisations, shareholders and the financial community. At the local level, the management teams at our operating companies maintain contact with public authorities and people living close to our plants. Heineken wants this report to play a part in that dialogue and to this end like our previous environment report, it includes a reply card for readers to respond. Comments can also be submitted via our website www.heinekencorp.com. The responses we received to our previous environmental report have been taken into account in the preparation of this report. The previous report has also been discussed with external organisations and their main suggestions have been taken on board. For example, this report deals explicitly with carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the use of fossil fuels and discusses our efforts in the field of agriculture. One factor that is giving cause for concern is that, despite the relative improvements we have made, our environmental impact is increasing in absolute terms, mainly due to the growth in production and the acquisition of companies whose environmental performance is often not up to our standards. These companies are undergoing improvement programmes. 5.2 External consultants Sustainability We have conducted discussions with Universiteit Nyenrode, the Dutch business school, regarding the subject of sustainability for some time and, to test our ideas, we asked Nyenrode in 2001 to advise on the best way of introducing this concept within our organisation. Nyenrode also benchmarked the substance of our policies against the views of a number of external organisations and companies. This process helped to shape our responsibility management programme. Verification of environmental reporting Upon request from Heineken, KPMG Sustainability has provided recommendations for improved quality of registration and aggregation of environmental data. This has resulted in a number of improvements in our internal Environmental Reporting Manual has been expanded and our validation procedures have been refined. KPMG Sustainability has also verified selected data presented in this report, in accor dance with the procedures defined in Annex 1. HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 18

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