OUR OBJECTIVES AND METHODOLOGY Policy instructions are formulated at group level by the multi-disciplinary Safety, Health Environment steering group. On that basis, each operating company defines its objectives and draws up an operational plan, supported by local safety and envi ronmental coordinators who also assist with compliance with applicable legislation and regulations, implementation of safety, health and environmental measures, achievement of targets, monitoring and reporting. Coordination of and consultation on joint activities take place at the annual meetings of the European environmental and safety coordinators. International working groups have been established and meetings are organised to prepare for activities in specific areas. Activities relating to health are developed and coordinated at group level by Heineken International Medical Services, which maintains contact with local medical services, reports to the Safety, Health Environment steering group and has direct access to the Executive Board in matters concerning its health-related functions. HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 12

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