OUR OBJECTIVES AND METHODOLOGY 3.1 Responsibility management Social standards and values have helped to shape our company since the very begin ning, and their influence has not diminished as the company has grown. For example, we have been providing medical facilities for our employees and their families for many years in countries where those facilities are limited or non-existent. How social standards and values are implemented within Heineken differs from operating company to operating company and from country to country. The purpose of our responsibility management programme is to create greater consistency and clarity, both to further communicate our identity and to enable us to evaluate and, where nec essary, reinforce our policy. Within the framework of this programme, the Executive Board formulated the Heineken Values Principles in 2001, implementation of which is the responsibility of the local management teams. Starting in 2002, these management teams will initiate a dialogue with employees and local external parties, as a basis for translating the Heineken Values Principles into procedures and activities that are consistent with the culture of the local communities. Pilot projects based on this approach were launched in 2001 in four countries (Ghana, Indonesia, Poland and Rwanda). In our next report we will give an update on our progress and the results. A more detailed explanation of this programme can be found on pages 22-25. OBJECTIVES FOR 2002-2003 In pursuit of its policy of continuous improvement of its environmental, safety and health performance, Heineken has set itself the following objectives for the next two years: Intensification of the energy efficiency programme Feasibility study of alternative uses for brewers grains as a source of sustainable energy Development of sustainability indicators for (malting) barley growing Promotion of environmental management within the supply chain Further integration of health and safety aspects at our operating companies around the world, on the basis of experience gained in Europe and Africa. Reporting on progress and results of our responsibility management programme 3.2 The Heinekeri safety, health and environment policy statement Heineken's environmental policy statement was expanded to include safety and health and was approved by the Executive Board in December 2001. It states that these three themes form an integral part of the company's operations and that Heineken will continuously seek improvement at all levels in the organisation. The complete text of the statement can be found on the back cover of this report. HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 10

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