0 The Heineken company CHAPTER Heineken N.V. has its roots in Amsterdam, where Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought a brewery named 'De Hooiberg' in 1864. In the ensuing decades, under the leadership of three generations of the Heineken family and pursuing a policy of prudent expansion and consistent brand development, Heineken has grown into one of the world's leading brewing companies. Heineken brews beer at over 110 breweries in more than 50 countries. Heineken is also active in the export of beer and issues licences to third parties. Europe accounts for over half of the sales volume. Heineken N.V. is the most international global brewing company with 40,025 employees. The principal international brands are Heineken and Amstel. Heineken has the widest global presence of any international beer brand and is the leading brand in Europe. In most markets, the Heineken brand's quality and image allow positioning in the attrac tive premium segment. Amstel, the second largest beer brand in Europe, is generally positioned in the mid-priced mainstream segment, the largest segment of the market. Our international brands are supplemented and supported by national and regional brands and a range of speciality beers (which differ from lager in flavour, colour or brew ing process), light beers (low-calorie beers) and alcohol-free beers. Heineken has a very limited presence in the low-priced segment. In many countries, Heineken has secured strong market positions and an efficient cost structure through combining the marketing and sale of the international Heineken premium brand and a range of strong local brands. The shares of Heineken N.V.50.005% of which are owned by Heineken Holding, are listed on the Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext Brussels and Euronext Luxembourg stock exchanges. Heineken Holding shares are traded on Euronext Amsterdam. Group volume 2000 2001 Net turnover 2000 2001 (in millions of hectolitres) (in billions of euros) Europe 50.7 55.4 Beer 6.5 7.6 Western Hemisphere 7.4 7.8 Soft drinks 0.9 0.9 Africa/Middle East 9.2 9.9 Spirits wines 0.4 0.4 Asia/Pacific 7.5 7.8 Other 0.3 0.3 Group volume 74.8 80.9 Total 8.1 9.2 Affiliated companies 23.1 24.1 Total beer volume 97.9 105.0 HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 6

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