Introduction In 2000 Heineken published its first (bi-annual) environmental report covering the efforts and environmental performance of the European breweries, maltings and softdrink production plants for the period 1997-1999. The next report will be issued in 2002 and will be extended to other regions and to our policy on health and safety. In the intervening years a summary of the highlights is given by means of an update. In order to cover the other regions a start has been made to implement and further develop management and reporting systems in all operating companies outside Europe in which Heineken holds a majority interest. The experiences we gained in Europe have been very useful and support our belief in a step by step approach. The water-saving workshops that have been held for brewery operators in various regions further increase environmental awareness and performance. These training courses are part of our 'aware of water' program. Clean water is of impor tance to Heineken as an ingredient of beer as well as during the production process. In general fresh water is scarce which is the reason why we devote much attention to a responsible use. In Africa the construction has started of a wastewater treatment plant of a special cost-effective design. All the breweries in Africa will be equipped with these plant in the coming years. In order to support awareness amongst the general public, Heineken financially supported the international TV documentary 'Water a drop of life'. The series was premiered at the second World Water Forum in The Hague where Heineken active ly participated, and will be broadcasted all around the world. In view of coverage of health and safety in the next report performance indicators and reporting procedures have been further defined in order to enable reliable and uniform reporting. A start has been made with the introduction of a Con tinuous Health Improvement Management System. The Company Environment Report 1998 -1999 is available in print as well as on our web site. UPDATE HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT UPDATE 2000

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