O Preface With great pleasure Heineken presents this Environment Report 1998-1999. With this report Heineken aims to inform its stakeholders (employees, consumers and share holders, as well as non-governmental organisations and others) about its environ mental management and environmental performance. Heineken strives towards a leading position in every facet of the brewing industry, including environmental is sues. This is in line with the mission to be the preferred brewer of quality beers world wide, as well as being a good corporate citizen. As a company Heineken has willingly assumed its responsibility for the en vironment. Furthermore, Heineken wishes to make a contribution to the conservation of the world's natural resources for the benefit of future generations. Heineken fully appreciates that well-organized and innovative environmental management is a condition for sustainable growth. Consequently it is important that environmental management forms part of an integrated Corporate Citizenship and Sustainable Development Policy. Two particular milestones should be highlighted here. The first was the publi cation of Heineken's Company Environmental Policy Statement in 1999. In this declar ation the Company has expressly committed itself to the continual improvement of its environmental performance, whereby the individual operating companies maintain sufficient freedom to respect local circumstances. The second milestone is the extra attention Heineken devotes to one of the world's most vital resources: water. The availability of sufficient clean drinking water is regarded as one of the most important environmental issues of the 21st century. Heineken also wishes to assist interested parties by sharing its knowledge and expertise in the efficient use and purification of water. And, above all, Heineken wishes to contribute to a growing awareness about the consumption of water. To this end the Aware of water' project has been initiated. This theme has also been used for this report. This Environment Report reviews the organisation and operation of our environment al management. It also contains detailed information about the environmental per formance of our European operating companies. Heineken has decided to publish a report once every two years. The next report, to be published in the second half of 2002, will be expanded to incorporate information from other regions in which Heineken is active. It will also include information on aspects such as health and safety. Executive Board Heineken N.V. October 2000 CHAPTER HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999

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