3 Glossary ANNEX BCS Brewery Comparison System, the reporting system that contains the core indicators of the Heineken breweries CEPS Company Environmental Policy Statement COD Chemical Oxygen Demand, the unit that specifies the burden of wastewater caused by organic substances Eco-efficiency The optimal use of raw materials, from an environmental viewpoint EPI Environmental Performance Indicator GRI Global Reporting Initiative, an initiative that is designed to lead to increased uniformity in the environmental andsustainability reports published by companies HCFC Halogenated chlorofluorocarbon Heineken University The training facility for Heineken employees hi Hectolitre ISO International Organisation for Standardisation Kiln drying Drying the malt KWh Kilowatt per hour MJ Megajoule PET Polyethylene terephthalate PP&C Corporate Production Policy Control PVC Polyvinylchloride Supply Chain The product chain from raw materials to the end product SHE Safety, Health and Environment Wort The sugary liquid that results from dissolving malt in water under the influence of heat WWTP Waste WaterTreatment Plant HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999 61

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