Environmental indicators (parameters) Production Policy and Control has defined several parameters that have to be recorded to be able to deter mine the results achieved in the area of environmental policy at breweries, maltings and soft drinks plants. These parameters are: Water Water consumption and amount of wastewater discharged Wastewater quality Load of organic substances after treatment Amount of solid particles in suspension, nitrogen and phosphorus in the wastewater Energy Consumption of electricity and heat Emissions to the air Emissions of NOx and SOx, refrigerants (HCFC's, NH3) that are in use and have been lost, and halons that are in use and have been lost Solid waste Hazardous waste, wastewater sludge, residual waste Nuisance Number of complaints The indicators for the results achieved in the area of the environment have been linked to the number of hectoliters of beer or soft drinks, or the number of tonnes of malt, to enable a comparison of these values to be made. Limitations The reliability of the data is subject to certain limitations: Definitions There have been some cases in which the definitions have been interpreted differently. However, we do not expect these differences to exceed plus or minus 5% at the level of the individual companies involved. This has been confirmed by our internal verification procedure. Completeness In some cases data were not reported. An estimate has been made for the missing data in compliance with our internal procedures for reaching a realistic estimate of the environmental burden. Estimates have also been made by our operating companies. It is not always known at Corporate Office in which cases this has been done. BASIS OF REPORTING 59

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