Verification Statement KPMG Environmental Consulting ANNEX Introduction We have been engaged by Heineken N.V. to investigate the 'Environment Report 1998-1999' of Heineken N.V. and the underlying reporting system. The Environment Report ïggS-iggg is the responsibility of the Manage ment of Heineken N.V. Our responsibility is to provide a report based on the activities we have undertaken. Activities undertaken Using a verification approach based on international standards for financial auditing, we carried out the following activities. However, as we have not undertaken a full audit of the reported data and information, our statement does not have the status of an audit opinion. 1 Investigating and testing, at corporate level, the internal reporting system (procedures, instructions and internal controls) which has been used to produce the data for 1997,1998 and 1999 reported on pages 62 and 63. 2 Checking the aggregation of the 1997-1999 performance data from the Internal Environmental Reports (lER's) to the totals presented in Appendix 4 on pages 62/63 and the graphs in Chapter 5, which are sub ject to the limitations explained in Appendix 2. The lER's were prepared by the individual production units listed on page 64. 3 Confirming the reliability of the local data at two breweries in The Netherlands and France, selected by Heineken. 4 Reviewing the overall structure and contents of the Environment Report 1998-1999. Conclusions Based on our investigation, we reached the following conclusions: 1 The internal reporting system provides a sound basis for collecting, reporting and aggregating the perfor mance data for the European production units. 2 The performance data have been correctly aggregated from the Internal Environmental Reports of the individual production units. 3 During the visits to the two breweries, nothing came to our attention to indicate that the 1997-1999 data and Internal Environmental Reports from these locations contain any material misstatements. 4 The Environment Report 1998-1999 covers the most important environmental issues for the Heineken pro duction units. However, in order to provide a complete picture of the environmental impacts of the whole Heineken organisation we recommend the inclusion of information on other environmental aspects, such as sales and distribution activities, in the next report. KPMG Management Consulting N.V. De Meern, 30th September 2000 HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999

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