5-9 Preview merited to solve the problems. The correctly-functioning WWTP also ensured that neither incident had an unfavourable effect on the environment. Leakages of ammonia occurred in Zoeterwoude (the Netherlands) as a result of maintenance of the cooling system, as well at Calanda Haldengut (Switzerland) in 1998. In both cases preventive measures were taken in collaboration with local authorities. In the summer of 1998, at the Den Bosch (the Netherlands) brewery an excess of the permitted levels for effluents in the wastewater occurred that could not be absor bed by the own wastewater treatment installation. After consultation with the authorities untreated wastewater is discharged to the municipal wastewater treat ment facilities. As mentioned above, for the years 2000 and 2001 we have established a number of targets that are congruent with our pursuit for continuous improvement of our environmental policy. One of our aims is to further develop target figures and indica tors for the environment and to further develop health and safety aspects. Further more, we will expand our environmental management systems, to include other ele ments within the supply chain and we will make the results obtained from these systems even more transparent. Finally, in the next edition of the Heineken Environ ment Report that is due to be published in the midst of 2002, we will not only report on the realisation of these aims, but also we will broaden the scope of the report to other regions. EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE 56

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