5.1 Water consumption 5.1.1 Breweries In terms of volume, water is the most important raw material used in the production of beer. Water is not only the most important ingredient in our products, but also plays an important role in other processes, such as the cleaning of process tanks, packaging materials and pipelines. In most cases, water also serves as a transport medium for energy (steam) generated at the production location. Finally, water is also used for non-production purposes in offices. The water required by the production facilities is obtained from a variety of sources. Most breweries obtain their water from local waterworks, others get their water from their own wells and some do both. During the period between 1997 and 1999 the European breweries were able to reduce their specific water consumption from 6.5 hl/hl beer to 6.0 hi per hi. This 7.7 percent improvement was achieved by means of good housekeeping, in combination with the commissioning of new installations such as packaging lines with bottle-cleaning equipment and pasteurizers that consume smaller quantities of water. The employees' increasing awareness of the importance of water also contributed to these savings. During the coming 3-year period the European breweries will strive to achieve a further 10% reduction in the specific water consumption. 5.1.2 Malting plants Following an increase (21 percent) in 1998, water consumption exhibited a marginal decrease (1 percent) in 1999 to a level of 5-6 m3 per tonne malt produced by the plants. The quantity of water consumed is largely dependent on the quality of the barley processed by the plant and the capacity of the relevant installation. The reduction ANITA RODDICK FOUNDER OF THE BOOT SHOP ■THE BEST ANY COMPANY CAN DO IS TO CLEAN UP ITS OWN MESS, TO LESSEN ITS AFFECT ON THE ENVIRONMENT WITH ITS MANUFACTURING PROCESS AND PURCHASING. THE BEST IT CAN DO, I THINK, IS TO KEEP A SENSE OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION AROUND THE PROCESSES.' Specific water consumption breweries hl/hl 0.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 2002 2001 >000 target HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999 34

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