HI w Brewing is our core activity. It is a complicated process of heating, cooling, boiling and filtering. In the brewing kettle the starch from the malting barley is converted into sugars, and is from that moment on called 'wort'. The wort is filtered (removing the malt husks) and consequently boiled whilst adding the hops. After removing the trub, the wort is cooled. After this the yeast is added, converting the sugars into alco hol and carbon dioxide. In the fermentation tanks the young beer is 'born'. The young beer is then pumped into lager tanks, where the yeast and the unsolvable proteins are removed (trub). Afterwards the slightly unclear beer is filtered again. The finished product is packaged in bottles, cans or kegs and then stored in warehou ses ready for transport by road, water, railway, or air. Plastic crates and cardboard boxes are used for the distribution of bottles and cans; the crates and boxes can sub sequently either be recycled, or re-used. 9# HER ROYAL HIGHNESS QUEEN NOOR OF JORDAN EITHER WE WILL ALL CO OPERATE TO MANAGE THE RESOURCES OF THE JORDAN RIVER VALLEY TOGETHER OR WE WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES TOGETHER.' BREWING PROCESS water malt silo malt grits fermentation whirlpool or separator mashtun brewing kettle lautertun wort kettle wort cooling spent grains carbonic filtering lagering packaging bright beer yeast kiezelguhr (filtering material) HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999 32

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