O European environmental performance This report concentrates on the environmental efforts made in connection with our core activities of brewing, malting and the production of soft drinks in our European operating companies. Heineken's European operations extend to 42 production facilities, of which 30 are breweries, 2 are maltings and 2 are soft drink production plants. The remaining 8 production facilities provide accommodation for a number of activities. The following table contains a summary of the production facilities (see also Annex 5). Number of production units 42 Single purpose: breweries maltings soft drinks 34 30 2 2 Multiple purpose: 8 breweries soft drinks 2 breweries maltings 4 breweries, maltings soft drinks 2 Precise figures are available (measured) on the total water and energy consumption of each production facility. Information about the water and energy consumption is also available for each of the individual activities (brewing, malting, or soft drink production). Information about the overall figures for the other environmental parameters (such as emissions to the air, effluents in wastewater and the production of solid waste) for each production facility are partly measured and partly estimated. The apportion ment of these figures to the various activities is also partly based on estimates. The figures for the consumption of raw materials and energy make a distinction between the total and the specific consumption. The specific consumption refers to the quantity required per product unit (the efficiency of the process). Consequently, an increase in the production capacity can result in an increase in the total consump tion, whilst improvements in the efficiency will lead to a reduction in the specific con sumption. The following section begins with a review of the specific water and energy consump tion of the breweries, malting plants and soft drink production facilities, as well as the emission of NOx and SOx. Total consumption for these parameters can be found in Annex 4. The report will then deal with the other environmental parameters from the production units. CHAPTER THE FOCUS AND SCOPE OF THIS in Europe. This report pertains to REPORT the European activities. In 1999 the Heineken Company's In the future the Heineken Environ- worldwide sales of beer amounted ment Report will be supplemented to 67.7 million hi of beer, of which with information about the activ- 49-8 million hi were produced ities in other regions. Appendix 2 contains detailed information on and 1999. The data incorporated in the collection of data and the focus this report concern the years 1997, and scope of this report. This sec- 1998 and 1999. tion of the report concentrates on environmental management and the results it achieved in 1998 HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999 28

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