verre The French operating company, Sogebra, is a member of Vacances Propres, a priva te organisation which is dedicated to the prevention of litter. Athenian Brewery (Greece) has switched over to gas from the urban gas grid. This switch was necessary in order to provide the Athens authorities with a demand suf ficient to achieve a profitable operation of the grid and in turn reduce the city of Athens' environmental impact. Learning and sharing Heineken's Corporate Offices in the Netherlands maintain contacts with a number of European Commission Directorates and international sector organisations. Heineken is also a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). This Association is comprised of more than 120 international companies which all feel responsible for the environment and for the principle of sustainable development. Heineken wishes to share its knowledge and experiences within the WBCSD and in other networks. The Heineken Company is also a participant in nume rous advisory commissions and discussion platforms. Heineken's active participation facilitates the transfer of our environmental knowledge to interested parties and enables us to learn from the experiences of others. OUR FRENCH OPERATING COMPANY IS A MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE SUSTAINABLE USE AND RECOVERY OF RESOURCES IN EUROPE (ASSURRE). THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS ASSOCIATION IS TO PROMOTE THE SUSTAINABLE USE AND RECOVERY OF RAW MATERIALS BY MEANS OF INTEGRATED RAW-MATERIAL AND WASTE MANAGEMENT. UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS COLLABORATIVE ARRANGEMENT INDUSTRY AND RECYCLING COMPANIES BEAR THE JOINT RESPONSI BILITY FOR THE PROCESSING OF USED PACKAGING MATERIALS. STAKEHOLDER REL AT IONS 27

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