O Stakeholder relations At Heineken we feel a part of society. We maintain contacts with a variety of stakehol ders, each of which has its own individual cultural background, preferences and expectations. At Corporate level we are engaged in discussions with governments, non-governmental and branch organisations, shareholders and the financial world. At local level we maintain contacts with the communities of which we are a part, with consumers, neighbours and the national authorities. Strengthening Heineken's contacts The intention of this Environment Report is to inform all interested parties about the content of our environmental policy and about the results it has achieved. The resul tant dialogue contributes towards the quality of our environmental reporting. One Heineken tradition is good relations with our employees. We also attach great importance to the transfer of knowledge. In order to inform and motivate our people A number of our operating companies already inform stakeholders about their envi- of environmental reports that are distributed to employees, the local community, Heineken's operating companies offer visitors an opportunity to tour a production facility. Visits of this nature also devote attention to the environmental issues involved in the production of beer. Heineken's production facilities make every effort to maintain good relations with the local and national authorities. Not only do they ensure that they comply with the applicable legislation and regulations, they also consult with the local authorities legislation. The companies also foster good contacts by virtue of their voluntary parti cipation in a variety of projects. Vatames Propres Nature Propre t 'A local authorities and other interested parties. A number of other production facilities will also publish a local environmental report within the next few years. Several of Our employees we publish a number of internal publications and provide a wide variety of training programmes organized by institutions including the Heineken University. Local stakeholders ronmental management and performance. They provide this information in the form The local authorities about new environmental permits in order to anticipate the consequences of new CHAPTER IN FRANCE HEINEKEN IS A MEMBER OF 'VACANCES PROPRES' - AN INITIATIVE WHICH ENDEAVOURS TO COMBAT THE SPREAD OF LITTER, ESPECIALLY IN THOSE AREAS VISITED BY A LARGE NUMBER OF HOLIDAY MAKERS. THE 'VACANCES PROPRES' ACTIVITIES INCLUDE THE PROVISION OF RUBBISH BAGS IN POPULAR HOLIDAY REGIONS. HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999 26

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