- s Sit In order to effectively treat used water, we will implement improvements at a number of breweries in the period 1999-2001. To this end funds in excess of EUR 33 million have been reserved. Within a period of six years, following the European facilities, all our breweries wherever in the world will either be equipped with their own waste water treatment installations, or will send their wastewater for treatment by third parties, such as public authorities. BREWERIES NEED A NUMBER OF DIFFERENT KINDS OF WATER TO ENSURE THE PRODUCTION OF BEER OF THE REQUIRED QUALITY AND THE CORRECT CONCLUSION OF THE PRODUCTION PROCESS. DRINKING-WATER IS USED TO PREPARE DIFFERENT KINDS OF WATER. HARD WATER IS REQUIRED FOR THE PRODUCTION PROCESS, WHILST SOFT WATER IS REQUIRED TO PREVENT THE OCCUR RENCE OF STAINS DURING THE BOTTLING OF THE BEER. STEAM IS GENERATED FROM DE-MINERALISED WATER TO OPTIMISE HEAT TRANSFER AND TO COUNTER THE FORMATION OF DEPOSITS OF BOILER SCALE. HEINEKEN'S BREWERIES POSSESS IN-HOUSE INSTALLATIONS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF THE VARIOUS KINDS OF WATER THAT ARE REQUIRED. WATER, A DROP OF LIFE In addition to increasing awareness among our employees, we strive to facilitate a broader awareness among the general public. For this reason we gave financial support for the 1999 production of the international TV documentary series 'Water, a drop of life'. This series, to be broadcast in a large number of countries from the year 2000 onwards, confronts viewers with the urgency of the problems regarding water supplies and makes clear how they can con tribute towards solving these problems. On some pages of this Report we have included quotes from the TV documentary series. 24

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