3.5 Heineken's environmental management cycle Environmental management is an integral component of all the Heineken Company's activities. Heineken focuses on the international standards of the ISO 9000-series and ISO 14001, for quality and environmental management systems respectively. Our environmental management is based on the systematic control and improve ment of an environmental management system designed specifically for breweries, maltings and soft drink factories, as well as on the implementation of improvements within the supply chain. THE ONE OF THE TO PROVIDE 1997. MORE MOST IMPORTANT PROJECTS AT THE 'RIETVELDEN' INDUSTRIAL ESTATE IN DEN BOSCH (SEE PAGE 12) INVOLVED THE CONSTRUCTION OF A PORT FOR THE ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY TRANSPORT OF HEINEKEN'S EXPORT BEER OVER WATER TO THE PORTS OF ROTTERDAM AND ANTWERP IN THAN 95 PERCENT OF THE EXPORT BEER IS NOW TRANSPORTED BY SHIP. -r-yf

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