internal environment report. The co-ordination of all environmental activities within the Heineken Company takes place during the annual meeting of the European envi ronmental co-ordinators and representatives from the other regions. These activities are supplemented by international working groups who are engaged in various sub- areas (such as Emissions, Water and Soil); national and international thematic mee tings are also organised on a regular basis. ISABEL ALLENDE SOUTH AMERICAN AUTHOR 'WATER SYMBOLISES EVERYTHING THAT IS FRESH AND RENEWED AND TRANSFORMED IN US AS HUMAN BEINGS.' THE REVITALISATION OF THE 'RIETVELDEN' INDUSTRIAL ESTATE Our brewery in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) is located in the 'Rietvelden' industrial site. In 1998 Heineken, in collaboration with the Province, the Municipality, the Chamber of Commerce and other companies accommodated on the estate, began the initiative to revitalise the industrial estate. This collaboration is based on the premise that the companies will be able to complement each other in the implementation of appropriate environmental and economic measures. The measures to reduce the envi ronmental impact of the activities on the industrial estate are being prepared by a number of working groups. Heineken, as one of the largest companies on the 'Rietvelden', participates in most of these working groups. A number of objectives to be achieved by the revitalisation project are: the use of residual heat and the re-use of heat the re-use of cooling and waste water the development of a system for the exchange of knowledge about internal environmental manage ment. the expansion of the facilities for multi-modal transport. STEERING OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE BOARD HEINEKEN N.V. OPERATING COMPANIES Heineken Nederland Corporate Production Policy Control Heineken Technical Services Corporate Communication STEERING GROUP SAFETY HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL Environmental Co-ordinators Europe ANNUAL MEETING ENVIRONMENTAL CO-ORDINATORS Account Managers Africa, America en Asia WORKING GROUPS HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999 12

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