7.0 hectolitre water per hectolitre beer by 2002, irrespective of the form of pack aging. In 1999, of our 38 European breweries 22 have already complied with this target figure. Nonetheless they will also make further efforts to achieve additional savings. 3.4 The organisation of environmental management At an international level Corporate Production Policy Control (PP&C) bears the ulti mate responsibility for the development of safety and environmental policy, whilst Corporate Communication is responsible for the communication aspects surrounding these issues. The multi-disciplinary Safety, Health and Environment Steering Commit tee is responsible for the Corporate-level preparatory decisions on environmental issues. At a local level each European operating company has an environmental co ordinator, whose duties include safeguarding compliance with local legislation and regulations, as well as with the Heineken standards, and the preparation of an annual THE ORGANISATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 11

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