3.2 The Heineken Company Environmental Policy Statement In October 1999 the Executive Board issued the Heineken Company Environmental Policy Statement (CEPS, see cover). This statement specifies the principles of the envi ronmental policy Heineken adopts, in order to contribute to both global and local preservation-or improvement-of the quality of the environment. In the preceding ten-year period each European Heineken operating compa ny determined its own environmental policy. The principles incorporated in these policies were in part influenced by local conditions and local priorities. In view of the diversity of our operating companies it was decided that the CEPS would be formulated in such a manner that the operating companies would still be able to adapt their policies, where necessary, to accommodate local circumstances. It is self- evident that locally formulated environmental policies must comply with the prin ciples in the CEPS. One important element of the CEPS is the biennial publication of an environ ment report. This report serves as a means of entering into dialogue with our employ ees and with other interested parties. The information obtained from these internal and external dialogues in part determines the outcome of the periodic assessment and, where relevant, modification of Heineken's environmental policy. The other fac tor influencing these assessments is the outcome of the evaluation of projects carried out within the scope of the CEPS, involving an evaluation of the cost of each project and the concomitant benefits in terms of results and improvements in efficiency. 3.3 Strategy and targets The CEPS constitutes the foundation for the our environmental policy and the specifi cation of the long-term targets. Environmental factors are of strategic importance to Heineken's core activities, the production and marketing of high-quality beers. A responsible environmental policy supports the Company's strategy of expansion by means of autonomous growth and acquisitions. We plan to specify a number of target figures during the coming two years. In 1999 we specified a global target figure for the maximum specific consumption of water; i.e. SHIMON PERES 'FROM CALIFORNIA TO KAZACHSTAN. YOU CAN SEE THE PROBLEM OF DROUGHTS, PRESIDENT OF THE PERES CENTER FOR PEACE THE PROBLEM OF DISAPPEARING LAKES OR RIVERS, SHORTAGES OF WATER ALL OVER THE PLACES. IT IS REALLY ONE OF THE GREATEST WORLD PROBLEMS. AND I THINK THE BETTER PART OF IT, THE MORE PROMISING IS, WE CAN HANDLE IT. TARGETS SPECIFIED FOR THE PERIOD 2000-2001 Within the context of the continual improvement of environmental performance, Heineken has specified the following targets for the next two years: the formulation of long-term target values applicable to all operating companies, regarding the con sumption of strategic natural resources, as well as for the most important environmental topics the further integration of health and safety aspects in operating companies the further development of the environmental management systems, including expansion to other parts of the supply chain the incorporation of all indicators used to measure environmental performance in the Brewery Com parison System. This will facilitate monitoring, reviewing, verification and reporting the creation of a structured system of dialogue with our primary stakeholders the further development of a sys tematic approach to the calculation of the costs (and benefits) of envi ronmental management the expansion of the Environment Report to include other regions and other subjects. HEINEKEN ENVIRONMENT REPORT 1998-1999

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