INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE 2 3 4 5 7 8 PLEASED AS PUNCH WITH VTIAL O Malayan Breweries reports to colleagues on Tuas building project Steeler now for others as well Cooperation leads to merger Popoli brewery sets the ball rolling August 1988 Number 15 Contents: Page Amstel Award for international Brasserie Admiral' Pels Rijcken Quality-control project at Dreher Popoli Hyper-modern Tuas brewery Dr. H.P. Heineken Prize awarded Q Vrumona back on the right track Murphy's launches Amstel lager Making sure that everyone receives all the information needed to put in the best possible performance and stimulat ing attentiveness, analytical capacity and good motivation amongst the personnel so as to ensure their optimal involve ment in and understanding of day-to-day problems in their work. Quite a mouthful, isn't it?! These are the objectives of the 'Company Wide Quality Control' programme that was recently started by our Italian operating company Dreher. Working groups Dreher starts According to the Dreher management, this project aimed at improving both product quality and the quality of the business as a whole is necessary in order to cope with the growing competition on the Italian beer market. The brewery in Popoli is setting the ball rolling in this project. The intention is that all other breweries and the head office departments in Milan will be involved in the project in due course. The initial experiences from Popoli will be taken into account in the later phases of the project. Working groups consisting of 4 or 5 employees from various levels within the company are meanwhile holding regular meetings to decide how the objectives can be realised. One specific objective is entrusted to each working group. Its task is then to study the existing situation and to identify any weak points. The working group also has to suggest and implement solutions for the problem and, lastly, to study the effects of the measures that have been taken. The working groups are not left to face up to all this intensive work unaided. External advisers give four-day courses to the working group members so that they are well-prepared for their task. In the next issue of Heineken International Magazine we shall be discussing this important project in greater detail. From left to right: J. Blijham (Technological Controller Malayan Breweries and symposium coordinator), P.E. Ashworth (Pres ident of the Institute of Brewing U.K.) and J. Cremer (Brewery Manager of Malayan Breweries in Singapore). Brewers meet in Singapore for their two-yearly gathering organised by the Institute of Brewing U.K. Brewers from HTB, Heineken Japan, South Pacific Breweries, Multi Bintang Indonesia and Malayan Breweries (Singapore and Malaysia) recently got together Amstel Brewery Canada in Hamilton continues to expand its markets. The Heineken operating company has decided that its local Steeler brand will no longer be brewed exclusively for Hamilto- nians. In November 1986 the inhabit ants of Hamilton made it clear that they still regarded Steeler as their own 'home-town brew'. But a recent survey by Amstel Brewery revealed that they'd had a change of heart, since an extension of the sales area is bound to bring economic benefits for both Amstel Brewery Canada and the city of Hamilton itself. The outcome of the survey was a signal for Amstel Brewery to move into action. In fact, the good reputation that Steeler had built up in recent years meant that the inhabitants of neighbouring cities were also curious to get to know the beer. Consumers outside Hamilton kept asking why they weren't able to sample Steeler. Now that the good people of Hamilton have given their 'seal of approval', Amstel Brewery Canada can set about giving the beer a wider circu lation in the Province of Ontario. In the previous issue of Heineken International Magazine we reported on the photo contest which was organised for the second time by Bralima, our brewery in Zaïre, in cooperation with Kodak. Amateur and professional photographers were invited to send in pictures featuring Primus beer or our local soft drink Vital'OFrom the big pile of entries 226photos dropped out in the first round. The 125 entries which received distinctions included the above photo (taken by Ngoy Touji, winner of the third prize). We thought you wouldn't want to miss it. in Singapore for the two-yearly symposium of brewers working in South East Asia. Malayan Breweries (in which Heineken has a 50 per cent shareholding) was this year's host. The symposium was organised by the Institute of Brewing U.K. The programme comprised twelve lectures. Nine of these were given by specialists from Europe. A wide variety of subjects were reviewed: malting, fermentation, information technology, and the production consequences linked to the use of plastic crates. Malayan Breweries also presented a lecture. Messrs. Lee Ngow and Lam Ngan informed the audience about the building work on the new Tuas brewery (see elsewhere in this issue, ed.). On the final day of the symposium the participants were able to see for themselves how construction was progressing when they paid a visit to the Tuas site. The cooperation which started last year between our Italian operating company Birra Dreher and the Societa International Birraria and Nuova Birra Messina is being further extended. The closer cooperation should culmi nate in a full merger of the two breweries before the end of the year. Heineken N.V. will retain a clear majority holding in the new group. Societa International Birraria and Nuovo Birra Messina have two breweries with a capacity of 1,000,000 and 700,000 hectolitres respectively. The breweries, located in Aosta and in Messina (Sicily), brew Henninger beer (under licence) and the Messina brand.

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