Heineken Holland's Advertising ice dynamic and many-sided Fellow-countrvmen New bottling line in Pedavena incorporates latest technology HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE NR. 13 PAGE 7 They are active at trade fairs, the employees ofHeineken-Holland's Advertising Service and Sales Promotion department. But they're also present at all sorts of other events. Regardless of whether the occasion is of a sporting, cultural or folklore nature. Everywhere that our company's brand names (especially Heineken and Amstel) can be brought to consumers' attention, the Advertising Service department is present in some form or another. Sometimes on a modest scale, yet effectively, with a few advertising signs and a couple of banners. At other times with complete refreshment counters, unusual vehicles and side-shows for youngsters. The department forms part of Heineken Nederland BV (the Dutch beer organisation), but is also active internationally. For instance, in designing and constructing stands for trade fairs throughout the world. Advertising Service also works for Heineken's soft drinks and spirits businesses in the Netherlands. To gain a good idea ofall the work done by Advertising Service, the review below deals with its activ ities separately. Mr. J.A. Vleghert isthe head of Advertising Service. The department consists of a number of service activities: events, stand building, outdoor publicity, sales promotion and the special vehicles service. Events "In our events service we employ two types of people. The planners, who handle the organisation of events, and the 'doers'. The first group concentrates on the prep arations. They devise the approach to sponsoring and consult with the organisers on how the sponsor money we've promised can best be spent." When everything has been clearly planned, the 'doers' come into action. They make sure that all the required materials are supplied and put into place in good time. Some idea of the wide variety of promotional materials can be The employees ofEl Aguila's physical distribution department who paid a visit to Heineken's Export Transport Department (ET.A.) and the Zoeterwoude brewery last year were pleasantly surprised by a meeting with their compatriot, Saint Nicolas. Santa Claus also hails from Spain, arriving by boat each year to bring gifts for Dutch children on St. Nicolas Eve. Santa also had surprises in store for the Spanish guests in the form of chocolate letters. Standing, from left to right: H. van Rumpt, H. van Gameren,F. Holvast (all from ET.A.), G. Martinez, B. Chomet, R. Benavente, J. Martin and F. Beukers. Seated around Santa Claus are: J. Rodriguez, M. Mansilla and A. Garcia. gained by taking a look round the storeroom of Advertising Service. Hundreds of parasols, refreshment bars in all shapes and sizes, three complete cellar beer lorries, stacks of banners, advertising signs, flags, not forgetting the bus which is mainly used to house the judges and officials during cycle races. Stand building The stand building department is active for both Heineken- Holland and internationally. Smaller stands (up to 50 square metres) for trade fairs throughout the world are designed, shipped and built up at their destination by Advertising Service employees. The department usually designs the very biggest stands itself, but their construction is contracted out. When the stand building department has its peak activity periods, external manpower is called in. In such situations the Advertising Service employees usually have a co-ordinating task. "They have to make sure that the publicity presentation is fully in line with the Heineken house style guidelines", explains Mr. Vleghert. Outdoor publicity The outdoor publicity section is responsible for installing and maintaining all Heineken adver tising signs affixed to, in front of or on top of buildings. This does not necessarily mean a bar or a restaur ant. A Heineken neon sign may also have been installed on top of a 'neutral' building such as a block of flats. All cafés supplied with Heineken beer in the Netherlands, some 20,000 in all, carry at least one il luminated sign. In addition, cycle racks and partition walls for pavement cafés can be installed on request. Since 1 st January of this year this department has also been in charge ofa large proportion of the "Horeca Shop" articles. Bar owners, hoteliers and restaurant propri etors can order outdoor furniture, lanterns, partitions and wind breaks from Advertising Service. Sales promotion Everything that has to be visibly displayed by our own sales force, by wholesalers and at trade fairs forms part of the work of the sales promotion service. For instance, they prepare brochures on specific subjects, such as how to clean and maintain a dispensing unit. The 'Drinks Journal' magazine is also compiled by the sales promotion employees. This journal contains details of the week's special offers. Promotions for retail organisa tions are also devised by the employees of sales promotion. Each campaign is then completely geared to the needs of the relevant supermarket chain. Model T Ford The 'special vehicles' service always attracts the biggest crowds during events. For all conceivable types of events Heineken has an appropriate eye-catcher, whether in the form of the Heineken dray, an old T-Ford fire engine, a T-Ford sedan, an old-timer model A Ford, an army jeep, the Heineken Mailcoach, wheeled and floating barrels, or the floating beer mat. This beermat measures 7.5 metres across and has proved a great success since its introduction last year. One and a half months ago the new 'dual multi purpose' bottling line was commissioned at the Dreher brewery in Pedavena. The line has a total filling capacity of50,000 ofthe 33-cl size bottles per hour. The bottling line consists of two identical halves, each capable of completely independent operation. This means that one half can be used to bottle Heineken beer, whilst bottles of Dreher are simultaneously filled on the other. The new line was developed by Heineken Technical Services (HTB). The principle of the dual line is not a new one. A similar line had already been installed in Popoli in 1983. Because of the advance in technology, the new line in Pedavena contains some novel tech nical features. These ensure fast start-up ofthe line and also minimise the number of stoppages. The bottling line in Pedavena is fully PLC- controlled. PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller, which is the replacement for the traditional control and relay switching boxes. The great advantage of the PLC is that it makes it possible to intervene in the bottling process if anything threatens to go wrong. The PLC also serves to control the operation of the bottle conveyor belts. If there is a danger that one of the belts may become blocked with bottles, a signal is transmitted to the PLC. The PLC then automatically issues a command to the belt motor to slow down. A substantial reduction in the noise level is one of the benefits of this new system. The floating beer mat is the latest addition to the 'special vehicles' service. It's big enough to serve as a floating bandstand.

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