HEINEKEN CANS IN HANDY SUITCASE M.A. Makinde a Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau El Aguila personnel regain pride in their own brewery I PAGE 6 HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE NR. 13 Sogebra a wholly owned Heineken subsidiary From next month a new pack for Heineken beer in cans will be on display in Dutch shops. It is a card board carry-case containing twelve cans of Heineken lager. With this new pack Heineken is not only responding to the growing demand for beers in cans in recent years, but also to the consumer trend towards buying more cans each time. The can suitcase is handy both in the home (easy to stow in the fridge) and outdoors (the sturdy carrying carton). The top ofthe case can also be opened so that empty cans can be put back inside and carried away for later disposal in a suitable place. At the beginning ofFebruary this year the former Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries Ltd.(NBL), Mr. M.A. Makinde, was made a Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau. He was presented with the award for all the good work he did as chairman of the Nigerian-Dutch Chamber ofCommerce and for his great services to NBL, in which Heineken has a substantial share holding. Mr. Makinde recently resigned from his post at NBL upon reaching retirement age and after a career in which he started out as office boy in the accounts depart ment and ended in the top job in the company. He still continues to hold the post of chairman of the Nigerian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The Netherlands Ambassador in Nigeria, Mr. L.P.J. Mazairac, presented Mr. Makinde with the insignia of the Order. The photos show the ambassador pinning the decorations on Mr. Makinde, who is flanked by Mr. H.F.M. Coebergh, member of the Heineken N.V Board of Managing Directors, and Mr. J.W den Hond, Regional Co-ordinating Director Africa. At our El Aguila operating company major changes have taken place since 1983.From the moment when Heineken acquired an interest in El Aguila, everything changed for the employees. And, as is clear to see, they were changes for the better. But what did the employees themselves think about it all? Heineken International Magazine talked to two employees about their experiences during those turbulent years. Old style Pascual Cerdan Robles (40) mainly knows El Aguila from "after '83", but he still sampled the old style of business. Eight months before Heineken came along, he joined El Aguila in the sales depart ment as representative for sales to bars and hotels in part of Madrid. Previously Mr. Robles had spent several years as ajoumalist. But for the greater part of his previous career he had been a salesman for personal computers. Isn't that a very big change - from selling computers to selling beer? "No", smiles Mr. Robles, "there's not really all that much difference between selling computers or beer. The relationship with your cus tomers stays the same and the most important thing is to sell your product. It doesn't matter what sort of product it is. I started at El Aguila because beer was a prod uct that interested me. It's really a worthwhile product to sell." Interesting His first impression of El Aguila: "El Aguila was an old business with an old-fashioned way of working. When Heineken came into El Aguila, it was very interesting for me to watch how everything changed in such a short space of time. I noticed that my customers were reassured that such a big company as Heineken was backing El Aguila. In their eyes El Aguila had suddenly become a great business again. Robles regards himself as a real "Aguila man". "I like El Aguila, but it feels good to have the backing of the Heineken concern. I notice that every day when I'm selling. I use the Heineken name to give El Aguila extra authority and the customers are impressed. Heineken's pres tige helps me to sell." Luis Martin Casas (32) is the head of Warehousing and Internal Transport at the El Aguila brewery in Algete, twenty kilometres north of Madrid. He is responsible for all the filled beer and for all packaging materials on the brewery site. Together with the head of Brewing and the head of Bottling, he super vises day-to-day operations and reports to the production manager. Luis Casas started his career with El Aguila in 1975 as a loading and unloading inspector. After that he worked for five years in the accounts section of the Internal Transport department. "The big improvement in the past few years is the excellent contact we now have between marketing and production. That's the big strength of the Heineken organisation. For merly we didn't have a Despatch department to pass on the informa - tion that our department needs. Production and marketing operated completely as separate entities. And that meant that I couldn't plan my own work. But of course the steady decline in production was another factor that contributed to that problem." The Despatch department now ensures that the Warehousing and Internal Transport department knows in advance exactly which lorries have to be loaded, at what time and with what products. Peace of mind Initially, Heineken's arrival at El them it's much easier to feel at home within a big concern like Heineken", says Mr. Casas. Aguila did not, according to Casas, bring the peace of mind that was needed. "We didn't know Heineken and at first we didn't know what its plans were for the future. We were scared we might lose our jobs. The head of Person nel, together with the general manager, gave a presentation about Heineken and its plans. The workforce was still a bit hesitant, but during the many talks that have followed since you could really see how confidence in Heineken was steadily growing." "We now take a sense of pride in working for El Aguila and it's fine to be able to work within the Heineken structure. People who only started working for El Aguila after Heineken had come along have no idea what sort of atmosphere existed in the pastFor Heineken N. V. has reached agreement with Compagnie des Brasseries et Glacières Internationales "B. G.I.S.A on acquiring that company's interest in Sogebra S.A. The 49% B.G.I, shareholding in Sogebra will be purchased by Heinekenfor the sum of about 200 million guilders. Sogebra will then be consolidated as a wholly owned Heineken subsidiary. The effective transfer of ownership will take place once the required ap proval has been obtained from theFrench authorities. Sogebra is the holding company in which B.G.I, and Heineken have grouped to gether their brewery interests. Heineken acquired its initial 51% stake in Sogebra in 1984. Luis Casas: "Better contact between marketing and production" Pascual Robles: "Customers now have more faith in El Aguila again" Pascual Robles, salesman in Madrid: "The Heineken name helps me when I'm selling. Luis Casas, head of the internal trans port and warehousing department in San Sebastian: "Proud to work for El Aguila".

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