Warning for Heineken Successful conference of Export organisation PAGE4HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE NR. 13 Heineken "Getting it all together was the motto of an international con ference held by the Heineken export organisation on 28/29 February and 1st March. Apart from all the commercial employ ees of the Export department - from the Netherlands and also from the various sales offices throughout the world - a number of employees from the Export Trans port Department (ET.A.) and from E.F.I. (Economic Affairs, Financial Affairs and Information Proces sing) also attended the meeting, which was held in the "Oud London" Hotel in Zeist, Holland. The aim of the conference was twofold: firstly, an exchange of know-how within the - very scatte red and regionally specialised - export organisation and, secondly, to inform staff about the export objectives for the years ahead, in the light of the fast-changing beer sector. "During the conference the emphasis was on a more creative, more aggressive and more results- orientated attitude from employ ees. Times have changed and we mustn't rest on the cushion of the good results we have booked to date", says Mr. J. van der Zee, director ofHeineken Export, who can look back on a highly success ful meeting. Messrs. Coebergh, Van Schaikand Van de Vijver of the Heineken Board of Directors were present for part of the meeting. On the final day of the conference Professor Paul Strebel of IMEDE in Lausanne gave an invitation lecture on "Outpacking the Competition". In the next issue of Heineken International Magazine we shall return to this important conference in more detail. G. van Schaik new chairman Europe Mr. Van de Vijver will take over Mr. Van Schaik's responsibilities for Europe - a region which is very important to Heineken - and will Mr. A.H. Heineken will be retiring as Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors in April 1989 on account ofhis reaching age 65 in November this year.The intention is that he will then be appoint ed Chairman and a Delegated Member of the Company's Super visory Council. Mr. G. van Schaik (57), currently vice-chairman of the Board, will succeed Mr. Heineken. The transfer of Mr. Heineken's duties and responsibilities to Mr. Van Schaik will take a year to complete. In connection with this, the allocation of responsibilities between the four remaining direc tors will be changed with effect from 1st May this year. After Mr. Heineken's retirement the intention is that the strength of the Board of Managing Directors will in due course be increased to 5 members again. From 1st May 1988 Mr. Van Schaik will assume operational responsibility for our export activi ties and our interests in the U.S.A. and Canada and in the Caribbean region. In addition, he will take charge of the corporate depart ments E.F.I., Personnel Affairs, Marketing and Technology. Mr. Coebergh will become the director in charge of the Africa and Middle East region. He will conti nue to handle our spirits activities via Duncan, Gilbey and Matheson in London. Corporate Public Rela tions will also report to him. Mr. Oostra will take over the Far East region on 1st May from Mr. Van der Werf, who will be retiringat the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 28 April 1988. The Corporate Research depart ment will also report to Mr. Oostra. temporarily be entrusted with the South and Central America region. Corporate Legal Affairs depart ment will continue to report to Mr. Van de Vijver. Mr. Van de Vijver has been with Heineken N.V since 1976. He previously worked as a barrister and solicitor in Amsterdam. On joining the Company, Mr. Van de Vijver was appointed as Director responsible for our activities in the Western Hemisphere and for Exports. He was also in charge of the Corporate Social Affairs and Legal Affairs departments. Heineken - V1 Mr. A.H. Heineken will be retiringfrom our group as Chairman ofthe Board in 1989after 47years service. He will remain attached to the company as Chairman and a Delegated Member of the Supervisory Council. On some of the pistes of Mont Blanc skiers really need to be on their guard. The Heineken sign emphatically warns against unexpected tumbles into the ravine. A Dutch holidaymaker in Switzerland spotted the warning notice, with Mont Blanc in the background. Hetookasnap- shotandsentitin to us. Enquiries in the Export Department revealed that the 'sponsoring' of signs like this is not one of the normal promotional activities of Heineken Switzerland. We suspect that an enthusiastic representative of one ofHeineken 's Swiss distributors apparently thought that a good sign deserves a good name. /CK A.H. Heineken retires as Chairman of the Board In the new situation Mr. R. van de Vij ver will take charge of the Europe region.

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