Bacardi Premium Black on Dutch market in May Colourful zoo surrounds new head office site HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE NR. 13 PAGE 3 'The Dutch are always talking about the weather' His full name is Francisco Javier Ger Rodriguez de Austria, but his colleagues at the Heineken office in Zoeterwoude call him "Ger" for short. The Head of Engineering at our Spanish brewery El Aguila has been detached to the Netherlands for one year to gain expertise. What's it like, living and working in a completely different culture for a whole year? A chat with a man for whom one surprise followed another. Francisco Ger (aged 40) has no grumbles about the weather in Holland, which is perhaps unusual Having a chat What did he think about his colleagues in Zoeterwoude? "The people are very pleasant, very polite, but a bit reserved. In Hol land people go straight home after work. That took me a long time to get used to. In Spain it's quite normal to go along to the pub for an hour after work and have a chat with your colleagues. I've also noticed that it's more difficult to get talking to people in Dutch cafés. You have to have been in the same café a couple oftimes before people come up and talk to you. In Spain you can go into a strange bar and within five minutes you're standing chatting away to the other customers." much he has to pay. I think that's an odd habit!" says Mr. Ger. Method of working Does Mr. Ger see many differ ences between the way of working in Holland and in Spain? Spaniards are renowned as being good impro- visers, which makes them fast at solving problems. "The differences are not very big, but I sometimes get very impatient when a decision has still not been taken on a matter which I feel is completely cut-and- dried. But you have to remember that, particularly where big projects are involved, you have to work more according to the rules and be more cautious." On the whole Mr. Ger is quite happy about his stay in Holland. "I'm now brushing up my English and I'm picking up a few words of Dutch as well. What's more, I'm making lots of new friends and getting to know the Dutch culture. It's worth accepting a few inconve niences to leam all these new things." from someone from such a sunny country. "The weather certainly isn't all that bad. Dutch people are always concerned about it and talk about it all the time, but I think the weather's quite reasonable. But I did have trouble with those short days during the winter months. In December it was dark by as early as 4.30 p.m. In that month I hired a car one Monday. There was not one single day when I could really see what colour the car was. I drove to the office in the dark in the morning and it was dark again when I got back home. In fact, I had to wait until the Saturday before finding out that the car was green!" Way of life Mr. Ger has been living in a flat in Leiden for seven months. His wife and three children stayed behind in Madrid. "Sometimes it's diffi cult, being so far away from your family. Once every three weeks I can go home for a weekend, but of course that's very short. In the meantime I'd like to get to know the Dutch way of life, for instance by doing my own shopping. Compared to Spain, the super markets here close very early in the evening. In Spain you can still go to the shops at eight o' clock at night." "I'm sometimes surprised about Dutch customs. Let me give you an example: if you go with a whole crowd to a restaurant in Spain, the bill is split equally between everyone. After all, you are going out with your friends? In Holland they tend to work out exactly what each person ordered and how Next month will see the market launch of Bacardi Premium Black in the Netherlands. This new rum is dark-coloured with a full, smooth flavour. Bacardi Premium Black can be drunk both pure (or with ice) and mixed. The Dutch Spirits and Wines Group (SWG), one ofHeineken's subsidiaries in the Nether lands, handles the distribution and sales of Bacardi products. The Netherlands is the fourth country in which Bacardi is introducing its Premium Black. For some time now Bacardi fans in the United States, Canada and West Germany have been able to obtain the new product.For the Dutch market it is interesting to know whether the product is proving popular with their German neighbours. "The first market results from across the border are very positive", says Mr. N. Vervelde, SWG's Brands Manager. He is fully confident about the future of Bacardi Premium Black in the Netherlands and expects fast growth in the product's distribution. Boost Confidence in the new product is not based solely on its favourable reception abroad. Findings from supple mentary consumer research in the Netherlands have clearly shown that a good market exists for Premium Black. "The Bacardi brand is the clear market leader both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. The solid strength of the Bacardi image will give a nice boost during the introduction of Bacardi Premium Black", explains Mr. Vervelde. In close cooperation with Bacardi an extensive cam paign has been developed to introduce the product to consumers. The launch is aimed at building up rapid consumer awareness of Premium Black, and so the main thrust of the campaign will be in the coming summer months. The introduction includes billboard publicity, advertisements in Dutch daily papers, radio commercials and TV spots. In addition, a brochure has been prepared and plenty of point-of-sale publicity materials are available for the trade, whilst SWG will also be offering samplings of Premium Black at consumer fairs. As to the date when the first results of the introduc tion will be known, Mr. Vervelde is cautious. "Normally speaking, you've got to wait at least a year before you can say whether a product is a success. Perhaps we'll know more at the end of1988. Francisco Ger is living in Holland for a year All the children who made a drawing, pictured in front of the fence. Some weeks ago a party was held to unveil the brightly paintedfencing enclosing the site on which the new extension of Heineken's head office in Amsterdam is being built. The party-goers were the pupils, teachers and staff of the "Art is Atelier"studio who created the decorations on the fence. The fence sutrounding the building site is 16 metres long and four metres high. The cheerful drawings on the enclosure were done by pupils oftheArtisA telier. O nee a week they take drawing andpainting lessons in Amsterdam's Artis Zoo. Naturally, all their creative works depict animals in the 150-year-old Artis Zoo. After selecting the most attractive drawings, the course teachers spent four months enlarging the works they had picked and painting them onto the fencing panels. Building work on the new head office extension is meanwhile progres sing well, despite a rather slow start. The new section of the office is expected to be ready for use by the end of1988 or the beginning of1989. Francisco Gerfrom El Aguila is spend ing a year in Holland. „People are very pleasant and polite, but a bit reserved. Premium Black will be available in Dutch drinks outlets from next month.

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