Prime Minister Haughey impressed by Murphy's Malayan Breweries held birthday party in Kuala I aiinpur STEAM BOILER IN NOUMEA Ichnusa now called Dreher PAG HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE NR. 13 Two millionth kegofHeineken filled Mr. Charles J. Haughey, the Irish Prime Minister, recently called at Murphy's Brewery in Cork as part of a working visit to the Cork region. The Prime Minister's visit coincided with the filling of the two millionth keg of Heineken lagei since the acquisition of Murphy's by Heineken in 1983K The Republic's Prime Minister was given a guided tour of the brewery in which so much has been invested in recent years. He looked at the renovated brewing hall and the new malt storage and transport system. Acting as host was Mr.F. van der Minne, the new general manager of Murphy's in Ireland. In his speech he described the close links between Heineken and Murphy's Ireland. "Besides the twenty milllion Irish pounds that Heineken has invested in the brewery, our company spends some fifteen million pounds a year in Ireland and thus makes a considerable contribution to the Irish economy, to Irish industry and agriculture." Mr. Van der Minne had the following to say about Murphy's success: "That success is based on hard work and a tremendous dedication to quality in the brewing of our beers." Impressed Prime Minister Haughey reminded his audience of the strong development of Murphy's brewery over the past five years. "A major investment programme has transformed Murphy's into a modem brewery which can meet its customers' demands for better quality. Now that I've seen the brewery, I'm very impressed by what has been achieved here and I'm sure that the tradition of bre wing here in Cork is safeguarded for many years to come", said the Prime Minister. Brewery 25years old Growth Particularly in the second half of the 'seventies the Malaysian market grew by leaps and bounds. Consequently, that was also the period when substantial investments were made to expand the brewing capacity. In 1979 a brewhouse with two kettles was built next to the existing brew- house with its four kettles. The fermentation capacity was boosted by installing extra tanks. A new bottling line was also installed. One year later the capacity of the keg filling line was doubled and a new laboratory was opened, bringing a strong improvement in quality control. When the head office was moved to a site alongside the actual brewery, it became possible to dou ble the warehousing space in 1985. The introduction of new-style bottles in 1986 and the installation of a new can filling line completed the expansion work. In launching new products, Malayan Breweries in Kuala Lumpur has not remained idle either. Production and sale of Green Sands shandy started in 1984, whilst Heineken lager has been locally brewed for the Malaysian market since 1986. The nation-wide introduction of Tiger beer in Malaysia and the relaunch of Anchor in the new-style pack are the most recent examples of the activities of the brewery in Kuala Lumpur. With a big consumer campaign Malayan Breweries Limited (Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur made sure that the public could also join in the celebration of the brewery's 25th birthday. The leading brand sold by MB(M) is Anchor, Malaysia's most popular beer. To mark the brewery's 25th anniversary Anchor's pack and presenta tion were totally redesigned. Have A Can Of Anchor Beer On Usi The silver jubilee festivities lasted until 17/18 February (Chinese New Year). All personnel were invited to a reception to celebrate the jubilee. All employees also received a commemorative T-shirt and a specially made jubilee badge. Over 25 years ago Malayan Brew eries decided, together with its main shareholders Heineken and the Frazer Neave Group, to set up a brewery in Kuala Lumpur. This was the first brewery in Kuala Lumpur and, partly thanks to Heineken's technical assistance, it possesses a wealth of expertise enabling it to brew Anchor beer of a constantly high quality. Today, in 1988, Anchor has firmly establis hed its popularity on the Malaysian beer market. For 25 Smooth Years... Cheers! jkwwmtfi* k»i PrimeMinisterCharlesJ. Haughey with the twomillionth kegofHeineken lager. Left: Mr. Evan der Minne, general manager ofMurphy's Brewery. One of the many advertisements published by Malayan Breweries in local papers. &1Ê Anchor &j£... HUH IA'. Vaki Tt IS Dec S7 Only' ttatt-fiAem+zM+Aa' Buy 3 big or6 smaB boRtes... New-look Anchor beer, introduced during the celebration of the 25th birthday of Malayan Breweries in Kuala Lumpur. Birra Ichnusa, in the little town of Cagliari on the island of Sar dinia, has been fully owned by Birra Dreher for some time now. Previously, tour iItalianoperat ing company had owned seventy per cent of Ichnusa. Birra Ichnusa will therefore go under the name Birra Dreher from now on. But this doesn't mean that the Ichnusa brand will disappear from Sardinia. „Ichnusa is Sardinia's best-sell ing,beer, so we'll be leaving the brand name as it is", says Mr. Mengoli, production manager at Birra Dreher. In the Grande Brasserie de Nouvelle-Calédonie in Noumea (New- Caledonia) a new steam boiler capable of raising 5.4 tonnes of steam an hour was recently installed. The colossus, weighing a good 20 ton nes, was too big to be taken in through the normal brewery entrance. The steam boiler was winched into place through an opening in the roof. The new steam boiler replaces two small boilers. With a view to the planned expansion of the brewing capacity in the next few years and the enlargement of the bottling department which is scheduled to take place this year and in 1989, the existing steam-raising capacity would have been insufficient two years from now. After the expansion, the new Belgian-made steam boiler, in harness with a second boiler that is already present, will guarantee sufficient reserve capacity. The steam that is generated is mainly used for heating the brews and for heating the pasteurisation units and washing machine baths in the bottling department. The new steam boiler suspended above the opening in the brewery roof. Thenor mal entrances were not big enough to take the 20-tonne boiler.

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