INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE Aguila brand now market leader Profit figures Heineken N.V. March 1988 Number 13 Contents: Malayan Breweries Kuala Lumpur celebrates Francisco Ger lives in Holland for a year A.H. Heineken to step down as Chairman of Managing Board Amstel Light now also in Holland El Aguila personnel proud of their Page brewery Heineken Holland's Advertising Service A haze of mystery hangs over a mountain close to the Dreher brew ery in Popoli. Vast quantities of crystal-clear water gush sponta neously from clefts in the mountainside. Scientists scratch their heads in bewilderment. The mountain must contain a gigantic natural reservoir, but how that'lake' is kept constantly topped up is a big puzzle for geologists. It is assumed that a giant moun tain some 3,000 metres high and located about one hundred kilo metres away has something to do with the water source at Popoli, but for the time being this is merely conjecture. The Dreher brewery at Popoli simply thanks its lucky stars for this natural source of water. The water is of excellent quality and the sup ply is always constant, so there is never any need to use alternative sources. Mr. Wim Reyer, who heads the quality control depart ment at Popoli, has this to say about the spring: "We make grate ful use of the water, as it not only has an exceptional good quality but is also very cheap. Besides, it has a constant temperature, so there's no need for us to keep constantly checking it. The only thing we had to do was to install a couple of pumps to transport the water to the brewery. Which means that we don't have The Executive Board of Heineken N.V announced recently that the net profit for the financial year 1987 was N.fl. 286.7 million. This profit is approximately equal to that of the previous year, N.fl. 285.3 million. The consolidated net turn over N.fl. 6,659 million remained at the level of last year, N.fl. 6,684 million, as a result of an increase in the turnover of most of our opera ting companies, a decrease in exports and the effect of the translation into guilders of the turnover of foreign Group- companies. These causes also influenced the trading profit, which amounted to N.fl. 511.0 mil lion compared with N.fl. 513.2 million in the previous year. any problems like having to pump up our water from wells some forty to fifty metres deep." Some ofthe water is used for coo ling the machines. Some of it is also used as brew water. "All we have to do is soften it. There's slightly too much chalk in the water", says Mr. Reyer. In fact, the water supply is many times bigger than the brewery's requirements. The bulk of the water flows onwards into the Adriatic Sea. The big coastal resort of Pescara also benefits, just like Popoli, from the water that flows out of this natural spring. Our January 1987 issue of Heineken International Magazine contained a detailed description of El Aguila's activities. Many investments and a shift in the marketing emphasis have brought about a 'new' El Aguila, now transformed into a modem business. The article also described the work being done to upgrade the less flourishing reputation ofEl Aguila's bottled beers. A progress report - some eighteen months later. As regards the position ofthe Agu ila brand in bottles there has in fact been a small improvement. Aguila is meanwhile the market leader. Because the many sub-brands of Aguila were taken off the market and replaced by one Aguila brand of lager, sales have climbed to such an extent that Aguila is now Spain's best-selling beer brand. High sales volumes are being achieved for the returnable bottles, litre bottles and cans of Aguila. Adlerbrau Two months before the article was published in Heineken Inter national Magazine, El Aguila had introduced the Adlerbrau brand. Sales of this brand are meanwhile up to expectations. Over the past eighteen months Adlerbrau has captured a solid market share, an achievement that is cause for satisfaction amongst the El Aguila management. The management anticipates steady development for the brand, with an annual increase in its market share. Adlerbrau is still being actively promoted by TV commercials and posters and via the sponsoring of basketball matches - a popular sport in Spain. El Aguila continues to benefit from its Heineken beer distribution activities which it has been handling since 1 st January 1986. Sales of Heineken are progressing extremely well and the outlook for Hei neken beer in Spain is just like the summer weather there: sunny. International Heineken personeelsblad. Verschijnt zes maal per jaar. Uitgegeven door het Concernstafdienst Public Relations van Heineken N. V. Postbus 28,1000 AA Amsterdam. Telefoon 020-70.22.68. SEARCHING FOR THE SOURCE The water is being transported to the brewery by a simple pumping-system. porteerd. "Acquedotto Heineken" says a stone which Dreher placed near the pipeline that leads the water to the brewery.

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