8 New distribution system to give extra impulse Heineken and Pelforth push the pedals BEER: HOW TO MAKE A MEAL OF IT Purchasing Coordination Meeting Ten years Heineken Switzerland Welsh rarebit Filled pancakes Trout in beer Using beer in cooking a meal? In some European coun tries it's quite common, in others it may perhaps seem ra ther an odd custom. But there's no denying it: the addi tion of beer gives the meal a completely different taste. Do you have any tasty beer recipes of your own? If so, please send them in to the editor of Heineken Internatio nal Magazine. You can find the address to write to on the front cover. If we receive enough mouth-watering reci pes we'll publish your new tips in a later issue. Below, just to whet your appetite, is a small selection from the do zens of recipes that no doubt exist. Taking a breather in wooded countryside during the combined cycling tour. On 27 November 1987 it was exactly ten years since the foundation of Heineken Switzerland.To make sure that this anniversary did not go by unnoticed, a meeting was organised with the distributors of Heineken beer in Switzerland.The distributors were given a detailed talk about how Heineken operates internationally and what marketing activities are used in Switzerland to stimulate sales. Those activities have already led to good results.The sales office, based in Lausanne, has in fact experienced nothing but successes right from the initial phase. In the first few years the number of hectolitres of Heineken beer sold in this mountainous country was modest, but it was still possible to report yet another increase in sales each year. In the meantime Heineken beer has gained a firm foothold within Swiss Ingredients; four slices white bread crust removed, 150 grams mature Gouda cheese, 1 '12 tbs. flour, 1 dl lager beer, >h a teaspoon of mustard, a pinch of cayenne pepper powder, the yolk of one egg and 20 grams butter. Lightly toast the slices of bread and place them next to each other in a shallow ovenproof dish which has been greased with some butter. Mix together the cheese, flour, beer, mustard and cayenne pepper in a pan Place the pan on a moderate heat, stirring the mixture all the time. Continue stirring until the cheese has melted.Then beat the egg-yolk together with some of the cheese beer culture. Mr.K. Brandt, Regional Export Manager Europe, describes this growth: "The initial period is always slightly sluggish for a new product. And yet the turnover grew each year by 30 to 50 per cent. At the present moment the total beer market is showing no growth. Imported beers are still doing reasonably well, with an increase of 3%The sales increase for Heineken beer is a multiple of that. So, Heineken is by far the fastest- growing imported brand." Particularly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland Heineken beer is strongly represented. Heineken beer is sold in half of all the hotels, restaurants and bars there. To serve the market even better, a more efficient distribution system came into operation on 1 January this year. Formerly, separate distribution channels were used for the catering trade and for the home consumption mixture and the remainder of the butter. Stir this into the cheese mixture. Pour the sauce over the toasted slices of bread and then place the dish under a very hot grill until the top turns a golden-brown. Serve the Welsh rarebit piping hot. Ingredients: 2 eggs, 10 grams flour, 50 grams buckwheat flour, 2 dl lager beer, salt, 50 grams butter. Also: 200 grams raw minced veal, 10 grams fresh mushrooms, 1 small shallot or a piece of onion (very finely chopped), pinches of thyme and oregano (marjoram), half a teaspoonful of tomato puree and 30 grams butter. Start making the filling by chopping market. The Coca Cola distributors, already active on Heineken's behalf in the catering trade, have now also included addresses for the home consumption market in their delivery route schedules. The arrival in Lausanne of Mr.M. Greeve as National Account and Marketing Manager indicates that Heineken beer's present position and its future in Switzerland are being taken seriously. In Lausanne Mr. Greeve is responsible for the marketing activity and the brands policy. the washed mushrooms into very small pieces. Heat the butter in a frying pan and crumble the minced veal into it. Turning the meat all the time, fry it until it has lost its original colour and is in the form of loose crumbs. Add the chopped shallot and the mushrooms and continue frying, still stirring all the time. After five minutes, sprinkle on the herbs and add the tomato puree. Add 1 dl boiling water, turn down the heat and leave to simmer gently for 20 minutes. Whisk the eggs separately with half of the beer. Add the flour and buckwheat flour and make a batter, then stir in the rest of the beer. If the batter is slightly too thick, add a drop of water. Lastly, add a little salt to the batter.Then melt a knob of butter into the frying pan and fry six small pancakes. Finish off by spreading the meat ragout over the pancakes and then folding the pancakes double. Fill a pan with two cupfuls lager beer, two cupfuls white wine, one cupful water, half a cup of vinegar, salt, lemon peel, two slices of horseradish and a sprig of thyme, then bring to the boilPlace the (four) trout carefully in the sauce and allow to simmer at the lowest heat for ten minutes. Then serve the trout on a preheated dish. Garnish with parsley and slices of lemon. Enjoy your meal! Over a year ago a number of members of the Pelforth Brewery's sports club in Mons-en-Baroeul (Northern France) came up with their plan to jog and cycle all the way to Holland to pay a visit to Zoeterwoude. Inspired by that initiative, the members of the Heineken cycle touring club 'Alweerweg' in 's-Hertogenbosch (Holland) decided to pay a return visit of two days to their colleagues in France. Early in the morning of Saturday 12 September 1987 the eighteen sports lovers set off on their bikes for Mons- en-Baroeul. Their French hosts had mapped out a race circuit covering 73 kilometres around the city of Lille. The route also took in a small section from the classic Paris-Roubaix cycle race as well as a hill climb over the Mons en Pevele - a hill that the Dutch riders very soon renamed "Alpe d'Huez" after the gruelling mountain stage in theTour de France. Blue skies, a slight breeze and pleasant temperatures provided superb conditions for cycling. That evening the amateur riders from Pelforth and the Heineken brewery in 's-Hertogenbosch enjoyed a social get-together in the French brewery's reception area. As the party progressed, it was found that national frontiers and working for two different operating companies need not stand in the way of sincere and warm friendships. Both clubs were brought together by the hobby they had in common. At 9 amon Sunday 13 September the Dutch visitors mounted their bikes again for the trip back home. Aselect group from Pelforth escorted them as far as the Dutch-Belgian border. On 27 and 28 October 1987 the first purchasing coordination meeting was held for the Asia/Australia/Oceania region, organised by Corporate Technical Technological Affairs, Regional Coordination and HTB. This type of meeting is regularly conducted within the European regionGlobal developments in the raw material, auxiliary material and packaging material world have made it necessary to introduce this coordination meeting in the Far East as well. The meeting was a marked success thanks to well prepared contributions by both HTB's purchase department and the purchase departments of the participating companies: MBI, MBL(S), MBL(M), SPB and GBNC. Photo (from left to right) Seated: Foo Chee Fui (Malaysia), Peter Yip (Papoa New Guinea), Asri Munaf (Indonesia), B.A. Mense (HTB). Standing: Lee Kee Hock (Malaysia), NgiamTee Lim (Singapore), J. Cremer (Singapore), Koh PohTiong(Singapore), J.H. v. Mameren (Malaysia),Th.A. de Man, (Corporate, Regional Coordination), J.M. Blijham (Singapore), K.W. Forster (New Caledonia)A.MVrieling (Papua New Guinea)PhBDankloff (HTB), B.J.v.d.Berg (Indonesia), Lawrence Lim (Singapore).

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