3 Royal visit during Heineken Yard HEINEKEN SPONSORS GOLF IN MOROCCO APPOINTMENTS Brewing seminar for management Heineken beer is brewed locally in Morocco by Brasseries du Maroc. In Morocco, too, Heineken is a beer with international prestige.The principal method used to boost brand awareness in Morocco is via sponsoring golf and horse-jumping events. Twice a year a big golf tournament is organised in Morocco and Heineken always makes its presence emphatically felt there. Both these tournaments are played on what many people regard as one of the world's finest golf courses.The 45-hole course was laid out on the initiative of King Hassan II and lies close to Rabat, the Moroccan capital. The photo above shows Mr. Gilles d'Agescy, of Brasseries du Maroc, presenting one of the Heineken prizes after the golf tournament. Pictured below: Heineken publicity during the Moroccan golf tournaments. An annual event in Ontario, Canada, is the Heineken Yard, a race over a distance of exactly 7.2 kilometres. Those present at the start of the latest Heineken Yard included H.R.H. Prince Maurits, son of Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven.The Amstel Brewery in Canada has a special bond with Princess Margriet. She performed the offcial opening of the brewery in Hamilton in 1982. The origins of the Heineken Yard date back to 1971 when a group of youths from the Onondaga Summer Camp in Ontario raced each other from the camp to the pub in the nearest village (Minden).The loser had to buy a round of Heineken beer for the whole group. Since then the race, which started out as a bet, has grown into an annual fixture attracting some 500 runners from all over Ontario Province. Obviously, the entrants also still include youths from the Onondaga Summer Camp. Right from its earliest days the race has been sponsored by Heineken. The Amstel Brewery in Hamilton (Heineken's Canadian distributor) sees the Heineken Yard as an excellent occasion for an annual day-out for its employees. From left to right: Nick Florian (proprietor of Onondaga Camp), Mr. Maarten Rijkens (until recently general manager of Amstel Brewery Canada), H. R. H. Prince Maurits, and Mr. Mike Moore (director of Onondaga Camp). Every year some five hundred sports enthusiasts from all over Ontario take part in the Fleineken Yard. Mr. G.J. van Soest is to become the new Managing Director of Heineken Nederland B.V. He will succeed Mr. A. Oostra who has been nominated for election to the Heineken Executive Board. Mr. Van Soest was General Manager of Murpy's Brewery Ireland Ltd. His successor in that post is Mr. L.F.D. van der Minne, formerly Regional Export Manager. Mr. E.J. Korthals Altes, previously Commercial Manager of the Dutch Spirits and Wine Group, was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Malayan Breweries in Kuala Lumpur on 1 September last year. Mr. M. Egeler, General Sales Manager Home Consumption at Vrumona, has been working since 1 October 1987 as General Manager Beer Division, at the South Pacific Brewery in Papua New Guinea. Another manager transferred to New Guinea is Mr.M. Kamermans. His assignment is to provide on-the-spot assistance to TheTechnicalTraining Courses department at Heineken Technisch Beheer (HTB) has compiled a seminar on brewing for the management of Heineken operating companies. The aim of the five- day course is threefoldimproving knowledge of the brewing process, spreading the word about Heineken's philosophy on quality, and familiarising managers with all the facilities that HTB can offer. The knowledge thus gained should provide extra support to the participants in their management work. Recently the course was held for the second time and another course is again scheduled for this year. Those who took part in this course were unanimous in their praise.Their enthusiasm must have been infectious. Many of their colleagues have already shown an interest in attending the course themselves. Our photo shows Mr. Lim (left) and Mr. Egeler, two of the participants in the course held recently, relaxing during a short break. the Group General Manager in the development and introduction of strategic planning. Mr. Kamermans' former job was as Regional Co-ordinating Manger Asia/Australia. His successor in that post is Mr.K.B. Meyboom. Mr.K. Plaughmann is the new General Manager of Amstel Brewery Canada Ltd. He previously held the same post with the National Brewing Company in Trinidad. Mr. Plaughmann's successor there is Mr.G. Koenderink. Mr.M.A.F. Greeve has moved from his job as Product Manager withVrumona to become National Account and Marketing Manager at Heineken Import S. A. in Lausanne, Switzerland. With effect from 1 December 1987 Mr.E.A. Olde Monnikhof was appointed General Manager of Brasserie de Brazzaville S.A. Previously he was Financial Manager with Ibecor S.A. in Brussels.

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