6 A busy weatherman but no forecaster Personnel heads meet in the Netherlands Bralima Zaïre active with Primus beer and Vital'O Roberto Biesuz of Dreher Pedavena: Though he won't hazard a forecast as to what the weather will be like tomorrow, he does keep an accurate collec tion of statistics and historical records about the weather. His name is Roberto Biesuz (53) and he works for the in ternal services department at our Dreher brewery in Pe davena. The Bralima Brewery in Zaïre has been bustling with ac tivity in recent months. In Uvira (near the border be tween Zaire and Burundi) a new depot was opened, a new advertising campaign for Primus beer was launched in July, Bralima's soft drinks industry sponsored the intro duction of the frisbee in Zaïre, and at the Fikin trade fair (Foire Internationale de Kinshasa) Bralima put its best foot forward with a well-presented stand, complete with film show. Fikin Campaign sent off to the Institute for Statistics in Rome, the Meteorological Institute in Venice, the local TVstation and the local newspapers II Gazzettino and Belluno News. Mr. Biesuz has worked for Dreher since 1959 and he has been responsible for the weather station from the very first day he started at the brewery. But the meteorological station has been in use for much longer than that It was built by the brewery in 1932 so that information could be collected about the hottest period of the summer. Even in those days warm weather meant higher beer sales. No wonder, then, that the employees always take a keen interest in the weather readings. Mr. Biesuz at work in the weather station. For almost thirty years he has recorded all sorts ofmeasurings three times a day, at 8 a.m., 2p.m. and5.30 p.m. In addition to his daily work in the telephone exchange, he takes a walk across to the brewery's weather station three times a day to record measurings for all sorts of organisations. Barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, the number of hours of sunshine, precipitation in millimetres and the wind speed and direction. All this data is carefully noted down by Mr. Biesuz and then ■■MH Recently the personnel managers of our operating companies met in the Netherlands for their annual International Personnel Managers Workshop together with staff from the Concern Social Affairs and Management Development departments. Participants came not only from Europe, but also from Africa and Asia. After an overview of activities in the different countries, the meeting also discussed more general issues, such as motivation, communication, conflict-solving and leadership.The workshop lasted five days.To round off the workshop, the Dutch operating company offered its guests a "Holland sightseeing".This took the form of a round trip over the Netherlands in a helicopter. One of the sights was the Delta Works (the flood-control barrier). The sightseeing trip ended with a brief flight over the brewery in Zoeterwoude. Young people in Zaïre learn frisbee throwing, a sport that originated in America. The introduction of the frisbee is being sponsored by Vital' OBralima's soft drinks brand. The cooperation between the breweries in the various African countries is best reflected by the opening of the new depot in Uvira. In this small town in Zaïre near the Burundi border, Primus beer brewed in Burundi is on sale. The capacity of the Bralima brewery in the East of Zaïre is not sufficient to keep up with consumer demand, but the brewery in Burundi does have enough capacity. Since an excellent form of cooperation exists between the various breweries, the solution to the problem was obvious: export Primus beer from Burundi to Zaïre! Bralima's stand at the Fikin international trade fair in the capital city of Kinshasa was a resounding success. Visitors were able to see a film describing twenty centuries of brewing and could gain an impression of the working of the Bralima brewery in Kinshasa.The film emphasised how Bralima uses the latest technology to guarantee the quality of Primus beer. During the fair Bralima also took the opportunity to draw special attention to itsVital'O soft drinks brand. VitaPO -which is the soft drinks market leader with its grenadine pomegranate) flavour - has a new slogan: "for more vitality".That vitality claim is mainly supported by sponsoring the introduction of the frisbee in Zaïre. Frisbee throwing is a popular sport in the United States and the young people of Zaïre will now be able to become skilled at throwing and catching the frisbee. Almost at the same time as its activities at the international exhibition, Bralima started a new advertising campaign. The slogan this time was 'Goüt!' (French for 'Taste!'). The commercials have been produced in Zaire in the local language and can be seen on television, in newspapers and on about fifty advertising hoardings along the main roads in Kinshasa. Radio commercials have also been produced. A fine shot of one of the storage tanks in the Bralima brewery in Kinshasa. This was one of the many pictures that visitors saw on display at the Bralima stand.

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