5 Malt store at Murphy's Jantje bosses the Shires Belgian Master Chefs in Holland Mini-Shetlander as mascot: Heineken's imposing Shire horses in Holland were joined by a new companion a short while ago. Not much above knee-high, the 100 kilogram 'lightweight' Jantje is stabled together with the Shires which tip the scales at as much as 900 kilograms. Jantje is a mini-Shetlander and that's the smallest breed of pony in the world. By comparison: a large-size dog would nearly come up to Jantje's shoulder. Headstrong illane with their new lorry. Along the shoreline east of Cork there are countless bays and inlets between the rolling hills. The area is particularly popular with yachtmen and anglers. 1 The outstandging impression of the Irish countryside is the sense of peace. ;r th PUB In July work on construction of the malt store was still in progress. Mean while the building and commissioning work have been completed. Murphy's Brewery in Cork is certainly the scene of hectic building activity. Elsewhere in this issue we described the extension of the brewhouse which was completed in April this year. Immediately afterwards a start was made on a major new project: construction of a new malt store. Seven silos, each holding 120 tons, are being built on a site close to the brewery in an installation some 30 metres high. Since a street separates the malt store from the brewery, a conveyor system has to be constructed to transport the malt quickly to the brewhouse. Commissioning of the installation started last month. Part of the malt store will hold the roasted malt which is used in the brewing of Murphy's Stout. The farrier at the Dutch royal stables got in touch with Heineken some time ago. Were we perhaps interested in a mini- Shetland pony? After a visit to look at the animal the decision was soon taken. Shortly after, the 8-year-old stallion swapped his royal lodgings for the Heineken stables in Amsterdam's city centre. Despite the difference in height, Jantje - named after Jan Vleghert, head of Heineken's advertising service and sales department in Holland - showed little respect for his big stablemates right from his very first day. As big as they are, the Shire horses still do not feel at ease in the presence of such a 'half-pint'. "He's a fiery little fellow and terribly headstrong. If he doesn't get his way, he rears up on his hind legs and the Shires don't like that at all", says Mr. V. van Peski, who works for Heineken's advertising service department in Holland and is closely involved with all Heineken's equestrian events. Jantje's role in the promotion of the Heineken and Amstel brands is not yet fully knownbut it is certain that he will be seen at all sorts of events. "Blankets have already been made for him. Jantje will also be given the same horse brasses that the Shires have." One suggestion is that a miniature covered waggon should be built so that Jantje can proudly pull it through the streets of Amsterdam and steal the show at Heineken's many promotional events. Jantje and one of the Shire horses. The 78-centimetre pony literally has to look up to the 1.85 metre Shire. But the truth is that Jantje's respect for his giant companion falls far short of what it ought to be. Many pubs are housed in splendid buildings. The Order of the 33 Master Chefs of Belgium was invited by Heineken Belgium some time ago to pay a visit to our 's-Hertogenbosch brewery and to the Dutch Spirits and Wine Group in Zoetermeer. For Heineken Belgium it was particularly important that the Belgian Master Chefs should be given a chance to get acquainted with Bokma geneva. "If their restaurant guests see Bokma on the drinks menu, that really addsatouch ofclass",saysMr. P. Boets, who heads Heineken's office in Antwerp. The aim of the Order is to make its professional skills and its hospitality available to Belgian gourmets. Not restricted to Belgium alone, the Order's reputation for quality also extends to the neighbouring countries. Our photo shows a number of members of the Order of 33 Master Chefs. Third from the left: Mr. P.Boets, manager of Heineken Belgium.

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