2 IN BRIEF Heineken Irish Horse Trials a great success New brewing kettles for Murphy's in Cork 'Tm rather fussy about details" Netherlands Death of L.A.Ch. Rottier Netherlands Spain Canada "Formerly we had to fill in all contracts for the customers partially ourselves. We used standard contracts and then typed in the relevant details. I thought it often looked a bit untidy. I'm rather fussy about details like that. So this word processor is ideal. I really enjoy working with it." Mr. R. Overgaauw was appointed a Director ofVrumona B.V., Heineken's soft drinks business in Holland, on 15 September 1987. With effect from the same date he was also appointed a Director of Heineken Nederlands Beheer B.V. Mr. Overgaauw's former post was that of Soft Drinks Marketing Manager atVrumona. On 21 August 1987 Mr. L.A.Ch. Rottier, managing director of Vrumona B.V., Heineken's soft drinks business in Holland, died suddenly at the age of 54. Mr. Rottier had been managing director of Vrumona since May 1983. After joining the Amstel Brewery in 1964, he spent many years working for Amstel and Heineken in Greece and Holland. In 1977 Mr. Rottier was appointed factory manager atVrumona. Before being appointedVrumona's managing director, Mr. Rottier had served for a while as technical manager of Dreher in Italy. In recent years Mr. Rottier had been strongly involved in the restructuring ofVrumona. A restructuring which was essential to ensure that the business would again have a healthy future. The Amstel Gold beer brand (on the Dutch market since 1956) is to be relaunched in Holland next month. Both the pack and the taste have undergone changes. The new-style Amstel Gold has a high alcohol percentage: 7%, which now puts it in the 'special beers' category. Just like Amstel 1870, which was launched several months ago, Amstel Gold will be sold in the shops in a display outer consisting of four six-packs. There has also been a change in the contents of each bottle. The 25-cl bottle has now been replaced by the 30-cl size. During the European Brewery Convention (EBC), which was held several months ago in the Spanish capital of Madrid, Heineken's Engineering and Technology Director, Mr. P. van Eerde, was received by his Royal Highness King Juan Carlos I of Spain (extreme left on the photo). Mr. Van Eerde is Vice President of the EBC. During the five-day congress thousands of brewers, maltsters and scientists from all over the world exchanged information on recent research work in the brewing sector. Also pictured next to Mr. Van Eerde is Mr. E. Bjerl Neilsen, Executive Vice President of United Breweries in Denmark. Next to the King: Mr. A. Maranon Richi, Secretary-General of the Spanish brewers' federation. In the centre is Mrs. M. van Wijngaarden, Secretary-General of the EBC.The EBC secretariat is based in the Netherlands in the office of our Zoeterwoude brewery. Heineken commercials recently had their first screening on Canadian TV. The station was The Sports Networkwhich broadcasts only sports events. This is the first time that Heineken has advertised on television in Canada. Heineken also achieved a first in another area. In Canada it was the first time that a big advertiser had committed its total TV advertising budget to The Sports Network. Heineken beer is also advertised in Canadian magazines. Thanks above all to his dedication, enthusiasm and insight, Vrumona is now on the road to recovery. Mr. Rottier knew that he had mapped out a sound course and that Vrumona would eventually achieve its objective. Regrettably, his untimely death has prevented him from tasting the satisfaction of success. His death means the loss of a skilled and capable manager not only forVrumona but for the entire Heineken organisation. Word processor a real boon forliliane Six months ago Heineken International Magazine reported on the extension to the brewhonse at Murphy's in Cork. Completed quite some time ago, that extension has doubled the capacity of the brewhouse to 600,000 hectolitres thanks to the installation of two extra brewing kettles. The extension work commenced in February this year and brewing of Murphy's Stout and Heineken lager was in full swing again in April, following a production standstill of only two weeks. The Heineken Hurdle again drew the crowds. RTE had set up one of its outside broadcast cameras next to the hurdle. Publicity like that gives a firm boost to Heineken's brand image in Ireland. In Punchestown, Co. Kildare, the Heineken Horse Trials were held some time ago. A record number of visitors saw a demonstration of equestrian skills by former world champion, Lucinda Green. She took first place with only 35.85 penalty points: the best score ever achieved in Punchestown. The number of entrants was bigger than ever before and the field included top- notch riders from Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom.The trials started with dressage on Friday and Saturday, followed on Sunday by the most spectacular event, the cross country. The 'concours hippique' (horse jumping contest) brought the Heineken Horse Trials to an exciting finale. Lucinda Green had nothing but praise for the Heineken Horse Trials. She thought that the cross country course was excellent: "It's one of the most challenging point-to-points I've tackled. Honestly, you won't find trials like these anywhere else in the world". Olympic gold medallist, Mark Todd, was equally enthusiastic about the Heineken HorseTrials: "The event has an atmosphere all of its own". Liliane Vliegen has been working for Heineken Belgium in Antwerp since April last year and she is responsible for contracts and other commercial correspondence. For the past 2lh months she has been using an IBM word processor which has not only simplified her work but also made it more pleasant. "Thanks to this computer I can do my work twice as fast. Using a typewriter takes a lot longer", says Liliane who handles not only the contract administration but also all commercial correspondence. And that, too, is now done on the IBM word processor. An IBM employee paid two half-day visits to explain the disk operating system (DOS) and how to use the 'DisplayWrite 3' word-processing software. "That wasn't really long enough. But luckily we've had a lot of support from Heineken's Mr. Kobussen in Rotterdam. We were always able to ring him if we had problems." For Liliane it was an added advantage that she had already worked briefly with a word processor during a previous job. Liliane Vliegen of Heineken Belgium sits at her IBM word processor. Her verdict: "Ideal".

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