Dreher cooperation Heineken and Pelforth in publicity limelight during Tour de France On the road with Eugene and Christy in Ireland Trying to think along with them" Intermediate financial results Heineken N.V. Heineken International Magazine page 4 and 5 page 7 Liliane happy with word processor 2 October 1987 Number 11 Sales manager J. Dello talks about representatives 3 Jantje bosses the Shires 5 Pedavena weatherman 6 Cagliari modernisation 7 Amstel in Norway 8 De Ridder wants to stay small-scale 8 Contents: Published four times a year by the Corporate Public Relations Department of Heineken N. V. P.O. Box 28,1000 A A Amsterdam. Tel. 020/702268. The Heineken jazzband warming up on the site of the Schiltigheim brewery. Later the musicians travelled throughout France, bringing the lively atmosphere of swinging music to all sorts of hotels, restaurants and bars. Mr. Jvan derWerf, a member of the Board of Directors of Heineken N.V. since 1969, has expressed the wish to resign. He wiil retire at the General Meeting of Shareholders on 28 April 1988. Mr. Van derWerf will then have served our Company in various posts for almost forty years. At the same general meeting a proposal will be made to shareholders to appoint Mr. a. Oostra, currently Managing Director of Heineken Nederland B.V., to fill the vacancy. Mr. Oostra has worked for Heineken since 1978. The net profit of Heineken N.V. for the first 6 months of 1987 (119,441 ,IKX) guilders) is almost the same as the result over the first half of last year (Fl. 118,823,000).There was a slight growth in sales in volume terms. The turnover, costs and results of our foreign consolidated participations are converted from local currencies into guilders before being included in the Heineken figures. Since the value of local currencies has declined against the guilder compared to the first 6 months of 1986, the figures are lower after translation into guilders. Performances improved in most of our operating companies. However, our exports restrained because of international competition. At Fl. 222.7 million, the trading profit lagged behind that of last year. Expressed as a percentage of the net turnover, the trading profit was 7%, as in 1986.Taxation charges were lower and the dividends received from non- consolidated participations remained the same.The Excutive Board expect that the profit for 1987 as a whole will be at the same level as in 1986. Birra Dreher in Italy has concluded an agreement with the Italian brewery Societa Internationale Birraria/Nuova Birra Messina (SIB/NBM) for a close form of cooperation on the Italian market. Within the scope of this agreement, Dreher will acquire a minority interest in SIB/NBM, while SIB/NBM will in turn obtain a minority participation in Dreher. Further cooperation is expected, in which Heineken N.V. will at all times maintain its majority position. SIB/NBM owns breweries at Aosta and Messina (Sicily), with capacities of 1,000,000 and 700,000 hi respectively. The brands marketed by this brewery are Messina and Henninger (under licence). SIB/ NBM's share of the Italian beer market is approximately 9 per cent. Mr. J. van der Werf Heineken INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE Pelforth's outstanding act in the publicity cavalcade was this motorcycle with side car. Rider Eric Miazgas acrobatics kept the spectators mesmerised. Franqaise de Brasserie made its presence clearly felt with the Heineken and Pelforth brands during this year's Tour de France. From the moment that the Tour arrived on French soil (after starting in Berlin), spectators and contestants were brought eye to eye with Heineken and Pelforth advertising in the Tour cavalcade. The activities started on Sunday, 5 July, when 15 Heineken cars accompanied the Tour's publicity cavalcade from the border near Strasbourg to the Schiltigheim brewery. Under the motto "NoTour de France can leave Alsace without sampling a top-quality beer", the participants were invited to raise their glasses in the company of the entire brewery personnel. During all the French stages the staff of Franchise de Brasserie's national sales force worked tirelessly - visiting the main catering establishments in the start and finish towns, handing out promotional articles and performing acrobatic feats on a motorbike and side-car shaped like a beer bottle. Jazz musicians provided musical inspiration in the bars lining theTour route.

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