8 Shuttle service delivers Heineken beer to Spain Dreher Pedavena generates its own power Good expectations for exports to Taiwan Lots to do at latest addition to Dreher family At least 200,000 kilometres a year will be covered by the Heineken lorry pictured above. In principle it will complete the return trip between Heineken's brewery in 's-Hertogenbosch (Holland) and Spain 52 times a year to deliver Heineken beer (in bottles, cans or kegs) and to bring back empty kegs to Holland. The Dreher brewery in Pedavena is sited in the foothills of the Alps. This means that especially in the spring a lot of water flows down as the snow melts on the moun tains. As long ago as 1929 the then owner of the brewery had the idea of using that fast-flowing water to generate electricity. For almost 60 years now the miniature power station has been providing the brewery with electricity. And it has quite a respectable capacity: 1400 KwH. Back in 1981 the people of Taiwan had their first tast of Heineken beer. In that year, despite all sorts of import restrictions, Heineken was given permission to ship one batch of beer into Taiwan. Six years later the Taiwanese obviously still know and appreciate Heineken beer. Crowd-puller Some twenty kilometres from Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, lies the Birra Ichnusa brewery. Dreher has a seventy per cent interest in this brewery. A large-scale renovation operation has been started up at the Ichnusa brewery, which has an annual output of300,000 hectolitres. The operation began in September last year and will last for some two years in all. There has been substantial building and repair work in recent times. A new bottling hall has been built and the office section was enlarged. In April a new keg-filling line was installed, whilst the brewhouse was renovated to bring it into line with the technological requirements for the production of Heineken beer. For the inhabitants of Sardinia beer occupies a prominent place in their list of favourite drinks. Compared with the rest of Italy, Sardinia's beer consumption is remarkably high: 45 litres per head. In the remainder of Italy the figure is around 23 litres. The Cagliari brewery brews Ichnusa beer both for returnable and one-way bottles and for kegs. Several delivery addresses will be served in Spain. "The lorry will cover the whole country and pick up empty kegs in various towns. In total 350 full kegs of Heineken can be taken down to Spain each time and 1,000 empty kegs can be brought back to Holland", says Mr. F. Beukers, who is responsible for physical distribution in Spain. Various Spanish haulage firms are under contract to handle exports of Heineken beer to Spain. After travel ing to Holland with all sorts of products, such as citrus fruit, they are assured of a full truckload of Heineken beer for their return trip. However, because of the sharp rise in exports of draught Heineken to Spain - and the resultant need to return the empty kegs - the use of a lorry bear ing the familiar Heineken colours became an attractive advertising pro position. The director ofa big Spanish haulage firm was approached and asked if one of his lorries could be used especially to carry Heineken between Holland and Spain. He was very enthusiastic about this idea. And so from the end of June the above lorry is likely to become a familiar sight for holidaymakers motoring on the roads between Spain and Holland. ast year the power station was ment could be done with an easy renovated. The building was heart. The old turbines had been I refurbished inside and out and excellent work-horses. They had in thethreeoldturbines(neededtogene- fact been in operation ever since rate electricity) were replaced by two 1929 hyper-modern units. That replace- The water supply for the power sta- In April this year Heineken again had the opportunity to supply beer to Taiwan. Following many years of hesitation, the Taiwanese government decided to open up its domestic market for a number of pro ducts from Europe and the United States. One of these products was beer. And - as ever - Heineken was quick to seize its chance. Four months after the new regulations entered into effect (1st January 1987), an agreement with the Dutch KLM airline led to the first 100 cartons of Heineken beer with the required labelling being flown by KLM jet to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. At the press conference held immediately after touch-down, Mr. R. Duursema, Heineken's export manager for the Far East, proudly proclaimed the arrival of Heineken beer in Taiwan. "That was followed by a big flower show cj*nised by Holland Product Taiwanese ladies at the trade fair in Taipei liked the Heineken taste. Promotions. Their trade fair coincided really well with our launch at the beginning of April. Tens of thousands of Taiwanese visited the trade fair and the Heineken stand was a real crowd- puller. What struck me most was that not only the Taiwanese men but also the women were enthusiastic about the taste of Heineken beer", says regional export manager, Mr. P. van Westrhenen. Export prospects are high. Initial public response reflects the big interest for Heineken beer. And that interest will grow further now that an advertising campaign has been started to make the Heineken brand better known amongst the people of Taiwan. tion flows down through a two-kilo metre pipeline from a height of eight hundred metres. After the water has passed through the power station, some of it is collected and fed to the brewery. There it is used in the cool ing system. Normally speaking, the brewery needs less power than the station can supply. The surplus is sold to the regional electricity company. Occasionally, the roles are reversed and the brewery has to draw from the public grid. One of the new turbines The 2-kilometre pipeline feeds the water to the turbines Installation of the new keg-filling line.

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