5 Renovation of Amstel breweries in Athens and expansion of Thessaloniki Close ties between Pedavena brewery and local people Thessaloniki The Dreher brewery in Pedavena is certainly integrated within the local community. Its links with Pedavena's 3,000 inhabitants are widespread, as is evidenced by tennis courts, a superb park, a restaurant and the local fire station. Ail of these in fact stand on land owned by the brewery instead of on municipal land. Renovation is planned for the Amstel brewery in Athens. The brewhouse in particular will be brought into line with today's requirements. Besides, eight new fermen tation tanks have already been installed. These tanks will also be used for storage. Substantial investments are also being made in Thessaloniki in the north of Greece where the countiy's biggest brewery is to be given a further nine storage tanks. The employees in Athens have to make the most of the limited space available to them. And it's a tight fit. Though the brewery's production capacity has been doubled several times since 1965there has not been any major increase in the sur face area of the site. In 1965 the maximum capacity was 40,000 hecto litres; meanwhile it has grown to as much as 600,000 hectolitres. The Athens brewery brews Amstel beer only, which it then fills into 50-cl and 33-cl bottles, 50-cl and 33-cl cans and into draught kegs. The brewery is located right in Athens city. This site has its advantages, but also some drawbacks. Over the years, other businesses have been built all around the brewery, so there are no longer any prospects of extend ing the brewery site. Any extensions have to be built within the confines of the existing site. The engineers have their work cut out trying to find enough space for each new addition. But they have always managed to come up with a solution. During its lifetime the brewery in Thessaloniki has undergone frequent extension work. Since its opening in 1975 the brewery has increased its capacity fivefold. Its current output is over one million hectolitres. Apart from Amstel, the Thessaloniki unit also started brewing Heineken beer recently. The Pedavena tennis club is happy with its three outdoor courts and one indoor court. What's more, this summer season its members will be able to take refresh ments for the first time in a comple tely new club house. Built on the initiative of the brewery. On Sunday afternoons in the sum mer lots of people go for a stroll through the park near the brewery. The park was laid out very many years ago by the brewery, but its upkeep is currently in the hands of another company. Until quite recently the park even housed a small zoo. "In earlier days the zoo used to attract a lot of young visitors in particular, but nowadays children can see all those exotic animals on TV, so there was a steady decline in interest. Also, the zoo urgently need ed modernising. The costs that would have been involved and the new, strict government regulations on animal welfare were the reasons why we decided to close down the zoo", says Mr. Mangosu, brewery manager at Pedavena. But the brew ery still offers sufficient amenities in which the local people can while away a few pleasant hours. These attractions emphasise yet again Dreher's close ties with the people from the village. A glimpse ofpart of the breweryfrom the park. The local fire brigade's wall sign. Fire- fighting equipment is kept at the ready in a building on the Dreher brewery site. In theforeground: some of the brewery's tanks. The brewery is completely encircled by the built-up area of Athens. 18,000 cans of Amstel arefilled every hour. A view between the new storage tanks in Thessaloniki. The brewhouse in Athens: shortly due for drastic modernisation. Vffj ig m m M

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