IN BRIEF 2 Video on Alcohol "Impetuosity" by G. Zaino at Birra Dreher and Work Duncan, Gilbey Matheson staff tog up as fishermen The Circolo Sportivo e Culturale, a club of Dreher employees which organises all sorts of events, held a photo contest some time ago. All employees and their families were able to take part in the contest which was subdivided into three categories: an open subject in black-and-white, an open subject in colour and a com pulsory subject (colour) on the theme "Beer and all its aspects". Africa Soviet Union Over the past few years within Heineken-Holland there has been a discussion on the excessive use of alcohol, for instance during working hours. What consequences can (too much) alcohol have on a person's work and what should the employee's attitude be to this? "This is the first visit by Duncan, Gilbey and Matheson staff to Heineken in Holland. I think it's an excellent initiative by Mr. Coebergh (Executive Board member of Heineken N.V., also responsible for the international 'spirits' sector). It clearly underlines again that our office, too, is part of the Heineken concern", says Mr. F. J. C. Mollerus, head of the office in Charles Street, London. A medical centre is to be set up by Heineken specifically for expa triates stationed in Centra! Africa. Ibecor in Brussels recently recruit ed Dr. D. Pirlot to help set up this centre in Kinshasa (Zaïre). His other duties will include organising company medical care in our busi nesses in Zaïre, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. 1 J r. Z~ViS W iii. j/w ciiüJDo ü-tiVy -j %riv Heineken brewery in Amsterdam will close down in mid-1988. Production will be transferred to the brewery in Zoeterwoude. Studies are currently being made to find out whether the buildings in Amsterdam can be used for recrea tional, cultural and tourist pur poses. One of the ideas is to open up a brewing museum and a small- scale working brewery on the pre mises. A detailed plan is expected to be ready at the end of this year. During the trade fair for Dutch businesses held in Moscow this April Mr. G. van Schaik, vice-chair man of the Heineken Executive Board, signed an agreement with Mr. Tchanturija, director of Goskomintourist. The contract confirmed the two- year-old arrangement between Heineken and Goskomintourist for the supply of Heineken beer, spirits and soft drinks to the Intourist hotels and for the construction of bars in those hotels. It was also - ■- til a£«ovU ivv Upc-iiixlOiA V* Atj OU '1 years. As a result of this contract the number of bars will probably be increased. At the moment there are seven Heineken bars in the Soviet Union and this number is expected to be expanded to twenty. Mr. Zaino's winning photo is called "Impetuosity". Heineken's policy in Holand is aimed at giving the company's own employees comprehen sive information about responsible alcohol consumption. To provide effective guidance about this subject our Dutch subsidiary company has produced a video film entitled "Het Grote Verschil" ("The Big Differ ence"). Recently this video was screened for all Heineken employees in Holland. All aspects of (excessive) drinking are highlighted in the video, which contains frank interviews with employees and talks with staff from the medical and personnel depart ments. A special extra edition of Heineken's Dutch house magazine "Vers van't Vat" deals with the subject in even greater detail. Duncan, Gilbey Matheson sells spirits concentrates to our associated companies in Asia, Africa and Latin America which then blend, bottle and market the whisky, gin, brandy, rum or vodka under the Duncan, Gilbey Matheson label. Naturally, the staff of our London office were given a guided tour round the production section of the Dutch Spirits and Wine Group, one of Duncan, Gilbey Matheson's main partners. But the two-day programme also comprised a visit to the Heineken brewery in Zoeterwoude as well as popular tourist attractions such as a boat trip round the Amsterdam canals and a visit to the small fishing town of Volendam. In Volendam they donned the local village costume for a commemorative photo. Above you can see the result of a complete metamorphosis: the drinks experts transformed info fishing specialists. The employees of the Dreher brewery proved to show the most interest in photography. The 62 photos submitted were sent in by fourteen employees from Popoli, two from Milan and one from Macomer. The jury, which consisted of a teacher, a journalist, a photo grapher, a painter and an advertising designer, opted in the open subjects category for the photo "Impetuosity" by Popoli employee G. Zaino. Mr. G. Patrizii, of Popoli, took first prize in the compulsory subject category with his photo entitled "The Summer and Dreher". Because of insufficient entries, no prizes were awarded in the black-and-white category. The limited number of entrants in the photo contest was due to a lack of photographic experience and a shortage of time. But the organising committee hopes that the 1987 con test will attract a bigger numer of entrants. Mr. Reghin, director of the Dreher brewery in Popoli (on the right) con gratulates Mr. Zaino on his first prize.

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