8 in the Caribbean Heineken Regatta one of the biggest Heineken lager now also on sale in supermarkets Heineken has been present for some twenty years in one of the world's leading beer-drinking nations: Belgium. During those years Heineken has concentrated on expan ding its sales in hotels, restaurants and bars, so that draught Heineken lager is now dispensed in 650 establish ments. Beer culture Heineken Belgium active on several fronts With effect from this month Heineken can also be bought in Belgian supermarkets. A contract for the sale of Heineken lager has been concluded with Colruyt, the country's second biggest supermarket chain with 107 branches, and more sales outlets are expected to follow in the near future. In the Colruyt supermarkets Heineken lager is sold in a pack containing three bottles of 33 cl .There will be no big publicity to promote Heineken in the supermarkets. No major advertising campaign is planned. The emphasis will be on promotion within the Colruyt stores themselves. The introduction of Heineken lager in supermarkets is part of a broader range of activities. Apart from this introduction, Heineken Belgium is also actively engaged in recruiting reliable, strong importers.They will place orders with Heineken Belgium. "We will then pass on the orders to the Heineken brewery in 's-Hertogenbosch. Since 1st January this year the importers have been receiving their invoices from us. Before that they were invoiced from Holland. Now that we do our own invoicing we have a much better grip on the administrative and commercial side of the operation", says Mr. P. Boets, who heads the staff of fourteen at Heineken's Belgian office. A third activity is the careful selection of catering establishments. "We don't want just any old bar to sell Heineken lager. We look for good establishments with a certain degree of class. Places that fit in with the image of the Heineken brand." Beer is almost an expression of culture in Belgium.This was even more the case around the turn of the century. Belgium then had some 200,000 bars and as many as 3,000 breweries. Though that number may have been reduced since, it is still of quite a respectable size today. With a population of almost ten million people, Belgium has 50,000 bars and cafés and there are still some 110 breweries active in that country. Each region has its own beer brand which enjoys great regional popularity. Heineken's aim, specifically through its introduction in supermarkets, will also be to attract the consumer of premium beers in the take-home market. The new supermarket pack of Heineken lager in Belgium. A major yacht race is held each year around the Caribbean island of St. Maarten: the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta. This yachting festival has been sponsored by Heineken for the past four years and the growth in the number of entrants has made it one of the leading regattas in the region. Some time ago the seventh Heineken Regatta was held and for the first time contestants from the Dutch side of the island also entered.The organisers were pleased with this, as the previous races had only attracted foreign yachtsmen and entrants from the French part of the island. The Heineken name has become associated more and more with the regatta in recent years and this has further strengthened the position of Heineken beer on St. Maarten. The overall winner of the seventh Heineken Regatta: the Alma Gloria, from the The starter's boat clearly shows that Heineken sponsors the regatta. French part of St. Maarten. mjsuroma heineken bboweruen

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