6 Dispensing equipment for "Voyager" supplied by Heineken Maltsters on the ball APPOINTMENTS Export manager military sales, R. Marijnen, works within the Duty Free Department of Heineken Export. His responsibilities include the sale of Heineken beer to (almost) all military bases of the U.S. Army.This excludes the bases in the United States itself. All in all, Heineken beer is offered for sale to some 600,000American military personnel and, in view of the sales volume, they certainly appreciate that Heineken taste. Selling Copper Kettle Heineken beer on military bases throughout the world During and particularly after World War II the Americans established a large number of military bases all over the world in a brief space of time. Most bases are located in Europe and the Far East. All these military personnel are sent beer from their "own" brewers back home. Heineken, which has been exporting beer to the United States with growing success since the mid-thirties, saw a big market opportunity in the military sector and soon found out that the American Army appreciated Heineken beer. In the meantime British and Canadian bases have also become Heineken customers.The bases in West Germany, where 250,000 troops are stationed, form the most important market. But the Pacific region, with countries such as Japan, the Philippines and Korea, is also an important sales area for Heineken. How is Heineken beer actually sold to the military? "We use the services of a business which specialises in sales to the American army. The business is called Milbrands and the Milbrands representatives tour military bases throughout the world offering an extremely wide-ranging package of products. From aspirins to baby's nappies and from nose drops to vacuum cleaners. Heineken beer forms part of that package", says Mr. Marijnen. "The Milbrands representatives know exactly how you have to sell in that market. On Heineken's behalf they not only maintain contacts with the buying departments at the bases, but they also visit the shops on the bases to make sure that Heineken beer is always in stock.They also develop promotions, together with the storekeeper, so as to maintain brand awareness. And, on occasion, they even make a speech praising the quality of Heineken beer during party evenings and provide surprise gifts likeT-shirts and sun visors printed with the Heineken logo.Those are very popular with the Americans." Heineken Nederland B. V. recently supplied beer dispensing equipment for the "Voyager"a bus filled with the very latest communications facilities for use in all sorts of events. VIP guests and the news media can make use of the almost unlimited services available in this bus. Apart from a dish aerial mounted on the roof (to transmit and receive satellite signals), the bus has fifteen telephone lines, two semi-professional TVcameras, a telecopier for transmitting documents such as press photos, plus audio and video systems and a computer which provides access to external databases. And, of course, the "Voyager" also has a well- stocked bar. Not only the dispensing equipment but also the beer cooling system and the glassware were provided by Heineken-Holland. B. Stewart and B. Mancini are two of those Milbrands representatives who do such great work for Heineken. Over the past year they've really excelled themselves. Which is why Heineken decided to turn the spotlight on them and thank them for their dedication by presenting them with the Copper Kettle Award. Apart from the miniature copper brewing kettle, they also received a scroll describing their exceptional achievements for Heineken. Bruce Stewart, who covers the bases in Southern Germany, made special efforts last year to promote sales of the 50-cl Heineken can, and with great success. Bob Mancini achieved further growth in the market in Italy. From left to right: R. Marijnen, export manager military sales, B. Mancini and B. Stewart of Milbrands, and Heineken's Export Director, Mr. J. van der Zee, during the presentation of the Copper Kettle Award. Mr. M.O. de Savornin Lohman was recently appointed Area Marketing Manager Africa. His former post was that of Marketing Manager for Ibecor in Brussels. Mr. De Savornin Lohman will be succeeded in Brussels by Mr. P. Hottois. Mr. B.D.J, van Rompu has been appointed Regional Co ordinating Manager for Canada and the Caribbean. Mr. Van Rompu was the Commercial Manager for the Caribbean. His successor will be Mr. W.B.J, van der Breggen, who will be based in Curasao The new Regional Export Manager for Africa and Duty Free is Mr. E.G. Morham. Until a short while ago he held the post of Marketing Manager with the Amstel Brewery in Canada. In October 1983, following the renovation of the Albert Malting Plant in Ruisbroek (Belgium), new staff had to be taken on. Since the malting plant has no social club for employees, some way had to be found to let the staff get to know each other outside of working hours. The answer was to set up a new soccer teamA name was soon found for the new team: F.C. Heineken.The eleven players are certainly doing the Heineken colours proud, as F.C. Heineken has already won twelve of its fifteen matches.The team plays against local firms, amateur clubs and also teams of policemen, firemen and local council employees. 'JfuJkiitcb, Steniirt

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