A FULL-BODIED PILSENER FOR THE EXPERIENCED BEER DRINKER. 1 1 Jj m i Murphy's Stout at exhibition in the United Kingdom Correction Micro- brewery at Nigerian Breweries page 4 Amstel 1870 launched on the Dutch market Golden-yellow with a white collar: the Alfred Heineken-Tulip Amstel has introduced a new type of pilsener lager in Holland. Called Amstel 1870, it has a full-bodied flavour and contains 5% alcohol by volume.The man or woman who has never drunk lager may perhaps need a while to get used to the strong, crisp flavour of Amstel 1870. The more experienced lager drinker will certainly appreciate the new product and regard it as an enrichment of Holland's beer culture. Need for more body Advertising Heineken International Magazine Contents: Page Micro-brewery Extra brewing kettles for Murphy's Swiss get the taste Dreher employees with head in clouds Heineken on sale in Belgian supermarket chain April 1987 Number 9 INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE The complete Amstel range in Holland, with newcomer Amstel 1870 in the centre. As much as 99% of all beers dispensed in Holland can be classed in the "Pilsener lager" category. So speciality beers do not yet play a significant role. Nevertheless growing interest has been shown for speciality beers over the past few years. Heineken expects that this sector will grow even more strongly following the recent launch of Amstel 1870. The Amstel 1870 brew (the name recalls the year in which the Amstel brewery was founded in Amsterdam) is based on aromatic barley malts and has a high hop content.This gives the lager its special taste which is bound to please those drinkers who mainly like a pilsener with more "bite". Heineken did its homework well before deciding to launch Amstel 1870. Obviously, fullest attention was paid to developing the brewing process. But extensive research was also conducted into what the consumer thought about the product's tasteDuring a market test for Amstel 1870 70% of those interviewed gave a favourable verdict on the drink .Thirty per cent said that they would prefer Amstel 1870 to the pilsener brand they normally drank. The results of the market test were a clear indication to Heineken that a need existed in Holland for a more full-bodied type of pilsener. Starting last month. Amstel 1870 has been available on draught in hotels, restaurants and bars and the brand will also be on sale in the shops this month. Bottles of Amstel 1870 can be bought in the shops in a cardboard six- pack. Four six-packs are contained in the open-sided display crate which Heineken introduced on the Dutch market last year at the start of the "Bock beer" season. The new product is being heavily advertised and promoted.This month saw the start of a comprehensive introductory campaign with advertisements in daily papers and magazines, television commercials and big posters. Special glasses and other promotional articles have also been developed.The last time that Amstel introduced a new product on the Dutch market was at the end of the end of the 1960s: Amstel Gold. Currently, the complete Amstel range consists of: Amstel Pilsener, Amstel Gold, Amstel 1870, Old Brown, and Bock Beer. 1 SÉ*/ Murphy's Stout has been exported (again) to the United Kingdom for the past few years. Murphy's importer in the U.K. is R.H.& M. Victuals.This importer was present with Murphy's Stout at the International Food Drink Exhibition which was held in London.The IFE is one of Britain's most important trade fairs. Murphy's Stout can look back on a highly successful year in the United Kingdom The demand for Stout was very satisfactory and it is hoped that the number of draught outlets will have been increased to 2,1X10 by the end of 1987. The photo shows the Murphy's stand at the exhibition. Behind the bar is Philip Meagher of R.H.&M. Victuals. On the barstool: Brian Freer, export managerof Murphy's Brewery Ireland Ltd. Published four times a year by the Corporate Public Relations Department of Heineken N. V. P.O. Box 28. 1000 A A Amsterdam. Tel. 020/702268. In our previous issue we reported on Amstel Light's sponsoring of the Virginia Slims tennis championships in New York. We wrote that Amstel Light, brewed in Canada, is imported into the United States by Van Munching. This was not correct. Amstel Light for the United States market is brewed by Heineken in Holland. The Amstel Light brewed at Amstel Breweries Ltd. in Hamilton is destined solely for sale in Ontario province.

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