Strong growth for Heineken in Australia GREEN SANDS SHANDY IN THE LIMELIGHT New editor of Heineken International Magazine Sydney office: a good move Success Heineken sales are on the up and up 'Down Under'. In recent years the Australian market has certainly become 'ripe' for Heineken, and sales of our beer have increased strongly, especially since the opening of the company's own office in Sydney in 1982. Advertising Beer tastings In the summer of 1986 Green Sands shandy was the centre of attention in Nigeria thanks to two promotional events. In June Green Sands formed part of a major promotion organised by KLM to mark the 25th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Airline's presence in Nigeria. May 1 introduce myself? My name is Jan Kroese and I am the new editor of Heineken International Magazine. My job is to provide you with all sorts of news items and interesting facts about Heineken and its many subsidiary companies. After spending eight years in door-to-door, free newspaper journalism, the production of Heineken International Magazine is a new challenge forme. Like every journalist, I am always on the look-out for news. So if you have any suggestions or tips, Id be pleased to hear from you. The address is HeinekenN.V., P.O. Box28,1000AA Amsterdam, tel. 020-702268. Heineken beer- are highly popular with Australians. "You can't say that the remarkably strong growth of Heineken in Australia is due solely to the establishment of our own local office. There were other factors that played a role: the consumer trend towards greater interest in high-quality imported products and the good economic climate also helped create this success," says Van Westrhenen. "And yet, it's only by having your own local office staffed with capable managers that you can ensure the most effective response to such developments." Now that four years have passed, it can certainly be said that the decision to set up an Australian office, currently staffed by J.H.F. Klarenbeek, Ph.H.R. Hartog and Mrs. R. Martin, was an excellent initiative. Heineken has had a growing impact in Australia in recent years. Heineken has been present in Australia for many years. But growth really started to take off when we opened our own branch in that enormous country. "That's not really surprising because, with your own office and an alert and enthusiastic management, you can be faster and better informed about changes in the market so that the required action can be taken more quickly", explains P. van Westrhenen, regional export manager Asia/ Australia. Above all, the Sydney office also handles the marketing work. In the office the product, price, distribution and promotion strategies are mapped out. Close contact is also maintained with the various distributors. For the east of Australia our distributor is Cawsey, for the southTolley, and for the Perth region Johnson and Harper. The distributors handle not only storage and transport, but also sales. The representatives working for the distributors are the ones who - with the support of the Sydney office - make sure that Heineken is available throughout Australia. Heineken beer is obtainable in Australia in 33-cl bottles and 33-cl cans.The bottles sell well in Australia. The 'six-pack' is in great demand. "Heineken was the first to put a six-pack on the market and it's been a very successful move. Today it accounts for the bulk of our exports to Australia." The fact that Heineken now also has a 50% market share in the import segment is due in part to the success of its advertising activities. Heineken has found an excellent advertising partner in Foster, Nunn and Loveder with the ability to translate Heineken's needs and wishes into catchy advertisements. By combining a dash of humour with the quality and reliable image of an imported product, this advertising agency has responded to the growing appreciation amongst Australian consumers for products from Western Europe. But Heineken does more than just sell its own beer to Australian consumers. Permanent display materials for the Heineken beer six-pack are present in liquor stores and 'beer tasting sessions' are held at all sorts of suitable events so that the public can have an opportunity to get to know and like Heineken beer. These forms of presentation -and also the taste of In six branches of Leventis Stores (a big supermarket chain) Green Sands demonstrations were held for more than two weeks and shoppers were able to discover for themselves the refreshing taste of shandy. In September Green Sands sponsored the 1986 All Nigerian Women's Lawn Tennis Open Championships. It was the fourth time that Green Sands had been a sponsor of this event. The tournament was held in Lagos, the Nigerian capital.The matches were played in four categories: women's singles and doubles and singles and doubles for women 'veterans'.The ladies competed for the Green Sands Trophy. Besides local Nigerian players, competitors from Senegal, Ghana, Zambia, Cameroun and Zimbabwe also took part.Through these activities Green Sands has once again strengthened its image on the Nigerian market. Green Sands licensing agreements exist in Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Trinidad,Tahiti and Portugal. Green Sands is not a soft drinkBut it is not a beer either. It is a mix of the two drinks and contains less than 1% alcohol. Green Sands is the odd-man-out in both the soft drinks and the beer markets. This separate position in the drinks world is clearly reflected in the Green Sands advertising slogan: "Green Sands, a refreshing drink in a class of its own." The quality of Green Sands was demonstrated in six branches of Leventis Stores, where shoppers were able to sample the taste for themselves.

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