LIVELY EL AGUILA SPOT LIGHT ON IBECOR Votes for Steeler page 4/5 page 7 32-hour marathon by Pelforth employees January 1987 Number 8 Keep moving Commemorative plaque Heineken International Magazine Contents: Page Strong growth for Heineken in Australia Green Sands in the limelight Special rules Plenty of fizz at El Aguila brewery 4-5 Mailcoach race 6 Ibecor: important link 7 New canning line in 's-Hertogenbosch 8 INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE JOGGING AND CYCLING FROM FRANCE TO HOLLAND To let our employees get to know the Heineken group. That was the aim of the 'Association des sports et loisirs' at the Pelforth brewery in Mons-en-Baroeul in Northern France.The sports club succeeded in finding a unique and sporting way of doing this: its members would jog and cycle to the Heineken brewery in Zoeterwoude. A distance of 360 kilometres! Of the 100 members in the Pelforth sportsclub, 32 enthusiasts took up the challenge. OnThursday20ctoberat3 o'clock (in the morning, of course!) the convoy set off from Mons-en- Baroeul heading for Holland. Some of the club's members got on their bikes, whilst others covered the entire 360 kilometres at jogging pace. The cyclists had the luxury of an overnight stop, but there was no such respite for the joggers. To get to Zoeterwoude on time the runners had to keep moving almost constantly. Excellent arrangements had been made for escorting the sports enthusiasts. The group was 'coached' from an official car that is normally used in the world's biggest cycle race, the Tour de France. On Friday 3 October the sportsmen - still remarkably fit - arrived at 'The Haystack', the reception building in Zoeterwoude, at the end of their 32- hour marathon. After a refreshing shower, the Pelforth employees were shown around the brewery. During the lunch that followed a commemorative plaque was presented to Heineken by the Pelforth employees. Mr. Schanen, director of the Pelforth brewery, and Mr. Warocquier, Pelforth's personnel director, came to Zoeterwoude especially for the event. Published four times a year by the Corporate Public Relations Department of Heineken N. V. P.O. Box 28, 1000 AAAmsterdam. Tel. 020/702268. The Pelforth employees at Heineken's Zoeterwoude brewery after their gruelling trip from Northern France. In our previous issue of Heineken International Magazine we told you about a new beer brand specifically for the inhabitants of one city: Steeler Beer for the Canadian city of HamiltonThis beer is brewed by Amstel Breweries Ltd. in Hamilton. In the meantime lots of things have happened to Steeler. The Hamiltonians even went to the polling booths for it. What's been going on? Steeler is very popular with consumers. Not only in Hamilton, but perhaps also in Toronto - some 55 kilometres away. Amstel Breweries Ltdhad to make a choice. Demand from the neighbouring city might be an attractive prospect, but Steeler had originally been marketed as a beer especially for the people of Hamilton. It was decided to ask the Hamiltonians what they thought. "ShouldToronto get our Steeler Beer?" was the announcement on big posters above a voting urn. An overwhelming number of inhabitants responded to the question asked by Amstel Breweries. The result of the poll was crystal-clear: Steeler belongs to Hamilton, and to nobody else. One day after the result of the vote, the local newspaper carried a big advertisement headed "Sorry,Toronto! Hamilton says that if you want Steeler, you'll have to come and get it." Almost on their last legs. But the French sportsmen proved they were in excellent physical condition.

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