NEWS IN BRIEF International Magazine for Heineken employees. Published four times a year. Contents:Page Lonely customers 2 Tall stories 3 Welcome to the brewery 3 The riches of Massafra 4 Primus sparkles 4 State visit 5 .European activities as a strong industrial focus.that was one of the phrases on the Prospects page in our 1984 annual report. Two winners of 1985 Dr. H.P. Heineken prize 6 Zoeterwoude gets its own energy source Zambia Singapore INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE The General Managers Meeting was held in Lausanne. Wives were also invited. It therefore goes without saying that there has to be a good sense of 'togetherness' in the activities within and between our operating companies in Europe. With this aim in mind various meetings were again held at the end of last year and in the current year. Marketing managers from the various countries met to discuss our European marketing policy. This working session was held in Holland. Presentations were given on our position and on developments in the national markets. Together with the marketing specialists from head office there was a discussion of general trends in Europe and an exchange of ideas on the factors to be reckoned with in the future. Some of the conclusions from this two-day meeting were used at the General Managers Meeting held several months later in SwitzerlandThat was a meeting which lasted three days, during which each general manager gave a presentation on the ups and downs of the beer market and on our own position in his country. A tight Heineken Technical Services (HTB) have concluded a Technical Management Contract with Zambia Breweries Ltd. Zambia Breweries is the only brewing group in that country, with one brewery in Lusaka and one in Ndola. Both breweries will be modernised by HTB. At the moment their combined capacity is some 800,000 hi per year. After the renovation - which will take five years - each brewery will have a capacity of 940,000 hi. HTB will also provide training for Zambian brewers and engineers. In addition, the use of local raw materials will be promoted. Over the next few years Malayan Breweries Ltd. (MBL) is to build a new brewery as an expansion and replacement of its two existing breweries. The new brewery will be built inTuas, Jurong, and will have an output of one million hectolitres. Heineken Technical Services have undertaken the entire design of this brewery. The project involves capital expenditure of some 42 million This amount will be financed in full by MBL. schedule was needed to ensure that all countries had sufficient time to put their views across. Various directors and head-office staff also attended. Some of them gave talks aimed at providing the participants with a better insight into their department's activities. The participants' wives were also invited. A separate programme had been arranged for them. All participants attended a lecture about the future of Europe given by Professor Goetschin of the University of Lausanne. As a company we obviously cannot work without people. The personnel officers and those responsible for Management Development at head office recently met in Italy. For the third year running. Exchange of experience is a major aspect of this two-day session. Here, too, presentations were given by our various European operating companies. Personnel work and the role of the personnel officer took pride of place on the agenda. Naturally, much attention was also devoted to new developments in the area of training and education. Engineering obviously has a vital role to play in our business. The Regional Technical Manager for Europe, Mr. Ten Bruggen Cate, sees his technicians about three times a year in order to discuss current projects with them. In some cases contacts also exist on an individual basis between the technicians in different countries. Learning from each other, understanding one another, making plans, keeping in touch with the latest developments, communicating, evaluating and many other aspects form the corner-stone of meetings like these. Personnel and Management Development officers get together in Italy.

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