PLEASANT PROBLEMS THE MASCOT July 1985 Number 4 PAGE PAGE International Magazine for Heineken employees. Published four times a year. Contents: Man on the go Amstel Gold Race More profit 400 million bottles disappear Pleasant problems Africa The mascot Treat them gently! Those postage stamps In brief 1 11 1 1 -li i wm ui" pmmpp INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE NEW POPOU The brand new bottling department at our brewery in Popoli (Italy) with ceiling panels to deaden the sound. Our brewery in Popoli (Italy) was bought from Moretti. Some years ago work started on its expansion. The production capacity had to be almost doubled. But production was not allowed to be stopped at all while rebuilding was going on. The brewhouse was enlarged. Apollos were installed. The Services Building underwent a complete change. A new bottling department was built and a brand new bottling line which will shortly be able to fill 35,000 bottles an hour. In that bottling department there is very little noise thanks to the soundproofing measures, such as hundreds of panels suspended from the ceiling. It is one of the most modern departments within our group. Thanks to the employees of Dreher and Heineken Technical Services. Lots more was also done. But during all the demolition and building work it was 'production as usual'. Not one litre less beer was brewed, thanks to the good consultation between brewers and builders. And yet almost all the new installations have been housed inside existing buildings. A job planned to perfection. The Services Building was also completely refurbished. Near the main entrance. In the foreground a work of art specially made to j^nmemorate the new extension A comer of the building that became operational this year.

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