In Ireland Heineken lager is being brought quickly and effectively to the attention of disco- mad youngsters by the Heineken Road Show. One of the photos shows the dancers joining in at the end of this show. It is the grand finale of a Heineken invasion lasting one hour. twice a year. Gliding airfield with (Holland)Tel. 013/343595. Noise abatement Computer 11 MILLION RISH POUNDS T hat was the cost of the new energy are produced in this building. Services Building in France. It Another part of the new premises is set was opened recently at our aside for filtering, for adding yeast, for brewery in Schiltigheim. storing it, and also for cooling the wort. That's the yellow liquid that comes out A vast amount of energy is required in of the brewhouse and later becomes a brewery. Not only heat, like steam, beer, but also refrigeration. Both forms of Heineken Road Show Sparkling finale of the Heineken Road Show. CONTACTS Collector of clay pipes and other smoker's articles seeks contact with people sharing the same interes Write in one of the languages in which this magazine is published to M van Soest, Graan voor Visch 18826,2132 GJ Hoofddorp (Holland) Tel. 02503/14089. We're looking for pilots of g1»der® and power-gliders who are interested ?n organising a flying camp once or power-gliding permit and camping site are available. Language: preferably English or Dutch. Cor Franck, Fred Holvast and Dick Sijmonsma. Address: Dick Sijmonsma, L. van Leydenstraat4, 2391 GE Hazerswoude (Holland) Tel. 01728/7361. Who's got an HO scale goods van with 'Heineken Bier markings for railway modeller? Enk Luiken, Bodepad 22, 5051 EJ Goirle Language: preferably English or Dutch. Has anyone got any spare picture- postcards of national costumes for my collection? J. de Kraai, Schiedamseweg 262 A, 3025 A Rotterdam (Holland). Learning a language is not easy. The best way is to spend some time in the foreign country itself. One possibility might be to Lt your children spend their holidays with a family abroad and then take in children from the host family for the same purpose. Those who are interested in this idea should let t editor know their name and address for inclusion in this column. Make sure you mention which language vou speak at home Naturally, the editor cannot assume responsibility for any contact established through this column. The editor is unable to know the household circumstances ot employees. Outside stand 14 new Apollos. Some of these serve to replace the old cellars where the fermenting and lagering was done. The 66-metres-high chimney also forms part of this extension. It has a diameter of 5 metres and is painted in a very striking way. We mentioned this unusual chimney in our previous issue Machines make noise and that's certainly true of the many items of equipment in the Services Building. To prevent this causing a nuisance the walls have been built extra-thick to keep the noise inside. No-one needs to use their hands any more to close or open stopcocks or to do any other manual operations on the various machines. Everything is done with the aid of the computer, which is housed in a separate room. This computerised control system is one of the most modern within our concern. The air throughout the building is automatically maintained at the correct temperature. If the air is too damp, the moisture content is also reduced automatically to the right level. The interior of the new Services Building in Schiltigheim FranceThe colour scheme and decorations are by the architect Pierre Grutter, who was featured in our issue nr. 2. The highlight of the show, warming up disco guests before the dancers make their entrance. It all starts off with three girls and a disc jockey who come storming in when the disco festivities are in full swing around midnight. Small Heineken gifts are handed out, a quiz is held with questions about our brand and half way through everyone who orders a glass of Heineken receives a cash coupon. They can use this to buy advertising articles which are auctioned off a short time later. As soon as a lot of visitors have got hold of a souvenir of our brand, the dancers make their entrance and leave behind an indelible impression of a very good advertising stunt. Bill Browne, director of the Murphy's depot in Dublin, launched the Road Show in his area. He's very pleased with the results.

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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