2 Luciano Zanin is a man you can't fail to noticeA big man often serious, but with a genuine friendliness that soon 1 f breaks throughA man with prestige as wellfor he's ans ace at his job. For 32 years he has been working in our brewery in Pedavena (Italy), where he is currently head of theTechnical Maintenance Department. In that job he has every opportunity to make use of his inborn talent: inventing. Help from colleagues Can-emptying machine Small is big \uv<vn A BRIGHT SPARK Cheerful Luciano Zanin becomes serious and immediately engrossed as soon as you show him something technical. 4 An idea is born from sketches like these. A The teeth of the can-emptying machine: these contain tubes through which air is forced into the cans. found a way of cutting openings in the bottom of the sparging tun without using heat..." Lots of small inventions soon turned out to be very importantWe asked this natural talent - he was 16 when he first came to work for us and has learnt everything from practice - how he set about thinking up new ideas all the time. "I make a sketch of a new idea on a scrap of paper. Then I put it away and forget about itbecause if you followed it through you might be completely on the wrong trackThen I think of other, completely different systems for solving the same problem. My colleagues help me to work out the details. For instance Orlando Pontin, who does a lot of drawing for me. I'm not good at that. And my boss, Egidio Sartor, lets me get on with it. That's very important as well", he says with a twinkle in his eyes. "I'd not be able to manage it all on my own", he admits honestly. "Then I sit at home and close my eyes and sec one of my sketches before me And then suddenly I know that it's going to work." All we can do in our amazement is give a nod of understanding. It's just a gesture of habit, for it's all quite beyond us. But we did know that we'd been talking to an employee with a special talent. And thanks to the help of his colleagues and his boss he is able to put that talent to good use Many machines have been improved by him, some have even been his brainchild. His innovations have not always stayed within the company. Our Swedish supplier of the case-packer which ensures that bottles are packed into cartons was pleased to adopt one improvement thought up by him. Our Pedavena brewery is proud of the machine that stands in its bottling department and is able to empty 24 cans in about ten seconds. Yes, that's right: the cans are not filled, but emptied! Let us explain. Sometimes a filling machine doesn't work properly and the result is that the cans are only half-filled. As everyone will understand, those cans then have to be emptied. It's very time- consuming if someone has to empty them one by one. Which is why Luciano Zanin's invention is such a blessing. His machine contains twenty-four The machine that can empty 24 cans in about 11 seconds and Luciano Zanin, its designer. vertical steel spikes which pierce the cans. Then the cans drain empty. What's so bright about that? Well, inside each spike there is a thin tube through which air is forced into the can. The air presses the beer out in a few seconds. The machine was constructed by our technicians and incorporates lots~of engineering novelties. Bottles have to be emptied, too. At the moment a prototype machine is almost ready which can be used to empty six full crates at the same time. For those interested in technical details: the crate is slid into a metal tray which is then rotated by 45°.The liquid starts to drain very slowly from the bottles. A little later the crate is turned by 45° again, and so on. This prevents the liquid from coming out in fits and starts, which it would if the air could not get into the bottle fast enough. In that caseemptying would take a lot longer. An old labelling machine is used to drive this invention. Yes, you're right: before you can empty the bottles you have to take off the crown corks. You can buy special machines to do this. Luciano Zanin wasn't very happy about those machines, nor were his colleagues in the bottling department. So he's made a device that takes all the crown corks off the bottles in one operation without problems. "No breakages and fail safe" as he himself says. Though so far he's only operated the device by hand on single bottles. We asked Luciano Zanin if he also made lots of small improvements. He had to think about it for a minute. "Well, one example is my invention that allows the filling machine for normal casks to be used to fill 10 litre kegs as well. That saves us having to buy a separate installation. And then I

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