WALKING THE TIGHTROPE March 1985 Number 3 PAGE Magazine for Heineken employees. Published 4 times a year. Contents: Page A bright spark Our shock troops Out to Mundu and back Arie Hassink Have experience will fly! Walking the tightrope In brief 3 4 5 5 6 6 A woman of strength Readers' letters Heineken Road Show 11 million Irish pounds 8 At many winter sports events in Italy you can often come across a giant of a man strolling around dressed in a black, loose-fitting overcoat, a bright red muffler or pullover and wearing a black hat. So conspicuous that he's not a person you can easily overlook. Many organisers of events wouldn't want to overlook him either, as he's the man who sponsors their race or their party. His name is Ivano Giop, an employee of Dreher in Italy. He works for the Marketing department and his job is to ensure that Heineken is visibly present, above all at ski-ing events. 'iNfc It was only in December 1983 that Grizzly beer was specially brewed for the American market for the first time. It's a brand of our Canadian subsidiary, Amstel Brewery Canada Ltd.in Hamilton. It soon proved to be a best-seller. But that the millionth carton would be shipped to the U.S.A. in October 1984 - that was something no-one had reckoned on. Grizzly's tremendous success can be seen from the fact that it took Heineken beer some 30 years to reach a sales level of one million cartons, and Amstel Light 4 years. INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE 6 THE MAN IN BLACK A. Ivano Giop: in the backgroundsome Pictured together with Nicki Lauda and of the many prizes he's involved in Alain Prost both with beer mug),star guests presenting each year. at one of the Heineken ski-ing events. About five years ago this enormous, amiable and very enthusiastic man had the idea of linking the Heineken brand name with ski-ing in Italy. Agood idea, but not that easy to put into practice. He started off in a very small way on Monte Avena in the Dolomites with the Heineken Beer Trophy. That was in 1979. A ski-ing event was held there but it was not officially recognised. That's when Ivano Giop decided to put his weight behind matters. And so it came as no surprise when the Heineken Beer Trophy received official recognition in 1980. That removed all the obstacles and now contests are held for this Trophy every year in Pedavena, in the well-known resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo and in Madonna di Campiglio. All places in the Italian Dolomites. Ivano Giop sits in his office in Pedavena and the room seems to be completely filled by his enormous frame. The walls are lined with many photos and also posters of events which he's helped to organise or which Heineken has sponsored. And they don't relate only to ski-ing. He produces piles of magazines to show us, hundreds of photos of himself in the midst of well-known sportsmen, like the racing drivers Nicki Lauda and Alain Prost who came along as special guests to his ski-ing event last year. There are dozens of pictures of winners who are offered a trip to Holland if they come first in their event. Other skiers whose performances are a little less spectacular are presented with Heineken gift articles. And rightly so, for prizes like that make sure that our brand is not forgotten. As long as Ivano Giop continues to devote such enthusiasm and effort to his work, our brand will remain engraved in the minds of lots of sportspeople, newspaper readers, spectators and TV viewers.

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