WINNING PARTNERSHIPS and Sales Beer Category The beer category has work to do to replicate this success. "Shoppers currently spend an average of ten seconds in the beer aisle. That doesn't suggest excitement!" notes Ghislaine. "Category Vision and the six growth drivers will steer all commercial functions within HEINEKEN, from innovation to branding, and merchandising to promotions. It ensures that every department is working in the same direction towards a shared goal, resulting in a strong, clear message to consumers about how our products can enhance their lives. "For example, if we want a brand to appeal to men watching football with their friends at home, this has to be reflected not only in brand activations such as the recent Heineken® Champions League Star-Player app, but also through innovations such as the DraughtKeg, relevant packaging, in-store displays, merchandising and cross-promotions with other products that are consumed on such occasions. Basically, every consumer touchpoint should demonstrate congruency." During trials with both the on- and off-trade, a focus on these six growth drivers resulted in augumented sales, happier consumers and an increased collaboration with our customers. Building Excitement Around Beer "These growth drivers will make the entire beer category more relevant for consumers. We want them to be excited to buy beer and drink it," explains Ghislaine Prins, Senior Manager Global Sales Capability. To explain Category Vision in concrete terms, she refers to the pet food industry, which has already benefited from this transformation. "The whole sector shifted from creating functional 'animal food', such as tinned or dried food, to more emotionally led pet-care products. "Through relevant innovations and a complete revamp of the pet-food section in supermarkets, the industry successfully developed higher value propositions that consumers were engaged by and happy to spend money on." Driving Activation Workshops are currently being held within HEINEKEN, together with key business partners in specific markets, to develop activation platforms that will bring the six growth drivers to life. Each market is expected to have its own local interpretation of these platforms based on what is most relevant for its consumers and customers. In one market, for example, a growth driver that addresses health concerns has been adapted into focusing on communicating naturalness, whereas in other markets more emphasis has been put on pairing beer with food. Once markets have developed the activation platforms to support each growth driver, they match each platform with the most appropriate brands and develop short, medium and longer-term business plans together with key business partners and for their key channels. But we need to make sure that the basics are right first, and that relevant brands are available and visible in the right channels. Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN 39

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